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Friday, March 28, 2014

Milwaukee Circuit Court Judges on Ballot 03 28 2014

Milwaukee Circuit Court Judges on Ballot 03 28 2014

There are 9 judge seats to vote for.  I will not vote for any of them accept I will vote for Perez because of the Dryhootch of America endorsement.  And that might not even be the greatest choice but I will put my faith in the endorsement!

I could not find relevant background information on any websites for any of the others.  Education and experience were a contraindication of me voting for a Judge.

I believe that the majority of them have been improperly interpreting our Constitution through personal weakness and the benefit of personal gain.

So therefore I believe they would be better off practicing in a different country!

Empirical evidence tells me that none of them should have been granted legal degrees!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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