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Friday, March 21, 2014

The concept of Racial degradation to its core denominator 03 21 2014

The concept of Racial degradation to its core denominator 03 21 2014

Meaning that a country empowered by Native Americans would degrade to its core before the Colonists came of, scalping and cannibalism?

A black empowered nations would revert to cannibalism and head hunting!

An English Druid empowered nation would revert to sacrifice by impaling in the forest?

A Roman Italian empowered nation would degrade to crucifixion and cruel and unusual torture and other violation of human rights customs.
The Hispanics too would be sacrificing innocent, normal and peaceful humans and draining the blood from them?


Now what would happen when you put all those bad elements together to manage a New World Government?  I will give you a hint, they will not chose the best of all cultures but out of self pity they would each degrade to the lowest denominators in comparative competition.

And that is indeed what I think of you!

So who should run the world?  It would be the best idealism's those countries and cultures that existedd peacefully in observation of human rights before they were invaded or taking over by the Kuru mentality!  And it will never happen because some people cannot live and coexist in freedom!  Freedom is indeed the greatest threat to them!

The pre-invasion cultures did well because they were peaceful and respected human rights.  And indeed that is why they were targeted by lesser forms of humanity.  Out of outright jealousy and vile hatred for peace and freedom!

Perhaps the best evidence for this theory was when that straight A student from Chicago was killed.  And we also see it every day our children go to school and are pushed drugs on!  That is an evil beast among us that targets them with drugs to ruin their lives!  Call it Pamako or Pharaoh, or Pharisee or rather Pharmacy activity;  I think the world has had about enough of them and their bad influence on humanity!

Can you see the signs of that degradation in various races in your everyday life?  What do you think when you see it and can do nothing about it?  If you are like me, you think, I want to find the root of that in order to prevent it from happening!  Put all that above together and ask yourself how long it will be before one of those people exerts so much power that everything is destroyed?  In order to prevent that from happening we need to eliminate all sources of birth defects!

I believe that absent the causes of birth defects including unseen mental defects that after two generations humanity might right itself.  If it can indeed rapidly degrade after just two generations then the reverse should be true to; provided there are the right conditions precedent.

As I drove through an inner city area of Milwaukee today I noticed that we do indeed have a great litter problem.  The way to look at it is if you don't want to keep your place and environment clean then maybe you shouldn't belong here?  And all it really takes is just saying, "Don't do that," to a child that throws something out the window?  And to make a point about it if there are no cars around pull over and pick what they threw out the window in disgust!  And you may have to make the point more than once.  That is what raising children is about.  It isn't about choosing an idol for them to emulate and be exactly like so that you don't have to spend time with them.

  What if I told you that all the idols you saw on television where hollow like Matryoshka dolls?  One fits inside the hollow body of the other as if it ate it?  As if it lent the substance to it?  Matryoshka; it looks like it has the root word Martyr in it to me; someone who is killed because of their beliefs.  It really means someone that was killed because of their continued belief in themself doesn't it! The conclusion being how many people were martyred, killed because the continued to believe in themself,  to form the hollow shell of an Idol?

Thomas Paul Murphy
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One father doesn't believe in himself and martyrs a man who does believing in some form of primate logic that it makes him the equivalent of a father?

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