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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A smoker is never on the level and your momma was free to have you 03 25 2014

That brings up an interesting scene 03 25 2014

Ever have a home contractor come to your home and they are a smoker and you thought just that, "A smoker is never on the level."

If you said that right to their face then they would probably try and lecture you how nothing is free.

And which point you respond by saying, "Your momma was free to have you."

Now that shouldn't incite violence so why would it?  What would someone find so offensive about that?  There would have to be something different about them in order for them to take such great offense to that that they would want to deck you.  Some sort of insecurity or hidden cognitive source of personal shame?

I actually believe that sometimes when I am writing like this that I am talking right to Barrack Obama.  You should try it sometime too!  Pretend to talk or write right to that Barrack Obama!

Somehow those bully's know where you will be on your tricycle ahead of time don't they!

When you had freedom but you abused it by tormenting human souls we really have nothing for you in the United States! There is nothing for you here!  What you want is something that you can never have!  And we don't have that here!

And that is exactly what I say to bums looking for a handout on the street, "I have nothing for you!"

Thomas Paul Murphy
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And here, talk right to Michelle Obama also.  Talk to her all day long!  Tell her there is a picture she might like very well to see at the following link:

Barrack Obama's White Girlfriend

And while you are at it white people who have been labeled mentally ill in medical fraud talk to Oprah as if she is right there with here.  And then show her a photograph of her cousin that raped her upstairs while the family was playing cards downstairs and laughing.

Oprahs cousin that raped her

According to modern psychotherapy this desensitizes them to the personal trauma which might lead them to make the wrong decisions in life!  So very well indeed take every opportunity to harp on it.

Sure and while you's at it imagine that you are hiding in the drug ridden jungle of Chicago and all can be seen is the whites of your eyes and you want to jump on peoples backs like a monkey would!  Yeah we all like that?  It is funny isn't it?  I wants jump on his back and see's outs his eyes!

In fact you could even make a song about it, "People in the jungle are happy to give."

I actually believe that there is a lesser species among us that cannot live without causing pain in human beings and profiting from it!  Hence they want you to have pain all your life and find unique and novel ways to deliver that pain!  We have the Constitutional right of Liberty to be free from and of such people!

Here is what they are,
"Do you want to pinch her nuts?"
"No, its my turn. I was next!"

And right after that, "How come he aint's wants to be something yet?"

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