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Saturday, March 29, 2014

I voted Garry Davis for the Village of Whitefish Bay Trustee 03 29 2014

I voted Garry Davis for the Village of Whitefish Bay Trustee 03 29 2014

Now as with all voting you never know if you are right, because only time will tell and that validity of your personal experience.

But many of the things I see at the following link I liked.

The fact that I could find information relevant to his opinions helped!

I see he has some Iowa background.  What I see here is that he doesn't want a two tier community of white collar money and blue collar money; but instead people to be self reliant?  That white/blue concept squeezes out the middle class.  And it is the middle class that the white blue learns from!  Actually that is a big problem nationwide!  So indeed the answer to that is to implement deflationary concepts!

And I really believe that inflation can be thought of as the general citizen supporting the lifestyle and faulted logic of the alcoholic!  Even if you have only one drink a month you are still addicted and an alcoholic!

Now my opinion of how that is to be done relates to the following concept.

A banker pays himself $1 billion American dollars a year.  And all the major banks participated in the mortgage fraud because the LIBOR interest rate was manipulated.  People lost their homes.  How much does a home cost?  Lets say it costs $200,000.00  Now a billion dollars is 1000 million. And therefore there are 5 homes to a million.  And 5 times 1000 is 5000 homes.  So that banker paid himself in the amount of 5000 homes!  I doubt if you gave him the raw materials that he could ever build a single one!  He would end up pounding his thumb flat or anyone he convinced to help him.  So how much do the raw materials in a home alone cost?  Well lets just say that your homes wall's are supported by two by four studs about every 18 inches or so, something like that, maybe it is less.  Well the cost of a two by four is around $3 dollars tops! A four foot by eight foot panel of drywall that forms you inner wall costs maybe $18 a piece.  And it doesn't take that many of them.  Well how much can you just buy the materials for in a kit?  I can't readily find that but I will just say $40,000.  So indeed that billion dollar salary then amounts to 25,000 homes that banker paid himself!

What is my point?  That person had absolutely no right to manipulate the market for peoples homes!  It is horrific!

Now last night I was thinking how quickly would we drain the white collar class of all their wealth if stock prices had to exactly be the equity or book value of the company?  There could be absolutely no markup from that!  Very quickly, in fact in a matter of 5 years.  There would be no volume manipulation days whereby the tiger of the investment firm filled its belly with millions and didn't have to work the rest of the year!  For example a 17  million shares are traded every day for a week.  That is the total amount of shares outstanding.  And the price rises 2 dollars.  In two weeks the price is down 3 dollars from that peak.  How much money was just drained out of the American economy?  17*5days*3dollars= 255 million dollars!  And it was all made through manipulation!  That needs to end.  And perhaps the best reality show would be to put those bankers in a fema disaster zone and deliver the materials for them to build their own houses with?  It would indeed end up like the story of Cane killing his brother, then building his own house that ends up falling in and killing him!  I actually believe that men become men because they learn in  hierarchical order, first is using tools!  But what happens when one can't learn because their father was away at the bank every day taking homes from Americans?  Then he becomes the same thing as his father doesn't he.  But in order that he does not be found out to be a nebish he hires someone to build a house for him at an exorbitant price.  And all that person knows how to do is build a house and nothing about how to manipulate money like the bankers.  So they indeed assuage each other!  And that builder hires illegal immigrants to make matters worse.  And where does the middle class go?  We end up getting abused by the both of them because we are sons of men!  And what we are finding out is that many recent home builders built homes of faulty construction.  So what does that really mean?  You put those two together and they do each other in.   The middle class was long ago declared mentally ill from the voices in their heads of both those two!

And I also voted for Ann O'Conner for Village President.  I found more commonality with her and it had nothing to do with her being Irish, because for all I know her maiden name wasn't.

The reason I voted for her is because she responded to a questionnaire I sent her about the issues!  If you have ever sent emails to politicians you know very well it is extremely rare that they write you back!  So I really respect that!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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