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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Why Standardized Testing IS Valid 03 19 2014

Standardized Testing 03 19 2014

Why standardized testing is valid.

It doesn't matter how you learned it for yourself as you sat in a quiet room and read; nor does it matter how you thought about it in order to learn it, as long as you learned it! 

Casting down standardized testing is really a sign of endemic failure of the education system!  And the only way that happens is when the mentally defective populate both the faculty of teachers and the student body!

Can we indeed send the mentally defective to FEMA detention camps so the normal human beings can learn? 

I actually believe if you get the mentally defective out of the way the country and world becomes a better place!

And we know by a very young age whether a child will be able to read or not.  Those that cannot are mentally defective!  I learned in the first grade or earlier.  Some never do!  However they would presume the authority to instruct the rest of us!  Should they have ever been allowed in athletic departments of grade schools, High Schools or Colleges? No!  NEVER!

It was the greatest giveaway of our Government to pay for their education!  They could learn exactly the same way if they were all living in tree's located far away from the school!  Both whites and blacks alike!  These are the children that money could buy; when they indeed have enough disposable income after having received their four cases of wine delivered to their front doorstep every two weeks!

So when you want to take away standards real men and woman have to take a few steps backwards and look at the issue from two points of view.
1. Why can't that teacher teach to the level of standards?
2. Why can't those children learn to the level of standard?

The only conclusion a responsible adult could come to is that one or both are mentally defective!  And then George Bush or Barrack Obama would believe they have a Eureka moment and state we can give them a drug for that!  The human being realizes that the reason they are mentally defective in the first place is because they were exposed to a drug and it mal-affected their brain development!

So what do people like this find extremely funny?  Human intelligence!  Why because it is so foreign to them!  Everything funny is said to have an element of truth in order to be funny!  However these people haven't even learned the basic truths!  They have not learned the basic STANDARDS!  Hence human intelligence is extremely funny for the truth they find in it that they heretofore did not have comprehension or knowledge of!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Perhaps this was best exemplified in the Clint Eastwood movie where he tells the Rojo's Mexican Bandits flat out that he is going to double cross them!  They found that extremely funny!  I won't tell you how the movie ended!

And German George Bush and Barrack Obama would come to the conclusion, "If we were just allowed to torture one human being in order to educate the rest our needs would be solved.  We would indeed be educated with valuable information!"  Do you know what the FINAL SOLUTION to someone like that should be?

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