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Friday, March 21, 2014

In DEFENSE of Marriage 03 21 2014

In DEFENSE of Marriage 03 21 2014

Now that last article that mentioned France got me thinking about marriage.

The idea of Castle French living off wealth until it runs out at which point they start eating people as a matter of the concept of cannibal nobility (an oxymoron; meaning it should never be true even though it is) got me thinking about who can really support a woman and a family based on their own skills.

This concept also comes into play in Milwaukee where the mentally defective children of wealthy beer baron families would seek to help foster the concept of psychiatry in order to make money?  That is the mind of satan and those with the mind of satan should not be allowed to marry nor have children!

With the Divorce rate as high as it is today there are people that should have never married or had children!  The Responsible United States would want to know the exact reason for every divorce!  So that a person could read that and know what not to get into!

So the issue isn't granting new marriage rights but having more scrutiny about heterosexual couples being married?  Should a woman really be allowed to marry 5 times?  That would be like providing evidence that her ability to have children should be retroactively revoked!  If a man dies under suspicious circumstance that woman should not be allowed to remarry in the United States!  If there is evidence that either was an drug abuser that is grounds to bar them from the ability to marry in the United States again!

 If a person is of low IQ because of alcohol and cannot read should they be allowed to have a full marriage license?  No!  Not if they are going to be the exact same way and have the exact same type of children!

If that beast stares off into the distance because it does not have its own soul should he be allowed to marry?  Absolutely not!

He drank wine and was worthless.  She drank wine and then cheated.  We have had enough of these bad people!

And maybe it brings up the point, If you had broke the news and taught reality to your child we wouldn't have a conflict when they abuse other children out of personal frustration for not being able to learn as well; because that abuse would not have occurred.   But you didn't have ability to teach them that so you yourself should not have had children.

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