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Monday, March 31, 2014

"Ger" is the Hebrew word for STRANGE 03 31 2014

"Ger" is the Hebrew word for STRANGE 03 31 2014

You can find this in the footnote in your St. Joseph Edition Bible  Book of Exodus Chapter 2, currently on top page numbered 60 of mine.

Therefore the word German means STRANGE MAN!  That does bear meaning in terms of the holocaust. 

Now The Book of Genesis and the Book of Exodus are very very interesting!!!!  Just started reading and thinking about them some more last night.

Joseph was sold into slavery in Egypt by his evil brothers who were also sons of Judah.  The country of Judah was far different than that of Israel.  And Israel did not always have the wine presses.

Hebrew sounds like only a drink a man is supposed to drink to me.   That or it might be a derogative as is German!  So you had that from He  Brew (likely fetal alcohol syndrome versus German (strange man) so essentially they were both the same!!!!


Now here is how I read into those two books.  The Egyptian King was poisoned.  Joseph was put into prison with the cook and the cupboard man to see who did it!  And one of them was slain by the king  because of it.  After that they both came to the conclusion that the reason the person attempted to poison them was because of a defect related to alcohol.

Now Joseph was said to have God with him.  Also Joseph refers to himself as a God in

Genesis Chapter 40 verse 8 and also then Genesis Chapter 41 verse 15.

The Egyptian King made Joseph the New King! (Genesis Chapter 41, verse 38, 40 and 41)

An important point to consider is when the Bible uses the term (A certain man) they know exactly who it is!

But Joseph did not tell by their dreams who poisoned the king he told by being there with them.  Joseph is also said to have predicted that in 7 years there would be a drought that lasted 7 years.  This was indeed likely a response to the 7 heads of the hydra which were essentially boys that demonically possesed men for their souls as what happened to Jesus after his baptismal! And they would have to have been mentally defective from alcohol.

Two important points here.  It is believed that the Egyptians served beer and bread to the pyramid workers but archeologist find contradictory evidence to who they were.  And we also know that after the Jews gained their freedom from Egypt all they did was drink and worship the Golden hind.  So there is a great implication there too!

What Joseph is said to have predicted next and how this plays out is very interesting.

But here is what Joseph and the King did.  And Israel and Egypt were indeed one on this.  They had two cities built by the Jews.  In those cities they collected grains for 7 years.  After those 7 years they no longer tended fields and therefore they went baron!  And the Bible tells us that this was done the entire world over!  They were attempting to detox and get those people off of beer!  Beer was made from grains!  And why did they do this?  Because they readily saw that those people were born mentally defective!  In fact so defective they looked different; not like sons of men! But like Fetal Alcohol syndrome people.  And that is indeed what attacked Israel.  When it states that Edom turned red all over does it really mean from drinking the whole pot of wine?

The Lion of Judah has a crest with a lion on top and three bails of bound grain below it!  That is also the family crest of the surname MURPHY!  Those two crests are very close to one another!

The bound wheat is symbolic that in order to preserve peace on earth they brought forth Prohibition the entire world over for a period of 7 years!

Joseph wasn't mentally defective but his father Judah and his brothers were!  Now fathers tend to keep the same first names in front of their family surnames.  So Joseph that fathered Jesus might indeed be of that same family line.  Or at least he was named after a great man!  To be named Joseph meant that you brought forth Prohibition the entire world over!

And we did not have the concept of schizophrenia until FDR took office and re legalized alcohol.  To split a human soul for the mentally defective to benefit from just as the 7 heads of the hydra did.  One more point about the link between Hitler and FDR was that Hitler drank wine; well that could have been grape juice but it was in the goblet on his desk.  So I had theorized that he attacked France because they were wine producing but I don't know that to be true.  Adolf Hitler himself likely suffered from souleness and was a 7 head of a hydra team because he was a fetal alcohol syndrome child.

Now in High School two victims of the Nazi Concentration camp came and spoke and I listened!  They had absolutely nothing good to say about alcohol!

All of this can indeed be factually verified in the Bible and history!

Our minds shall not be the harvest!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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