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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Okay here is a scientific study that also has to happen 03 25 2014

Okay here is a scientific study that also has to happen 03 25 2014

Correlation of per capita sugar consumption and per capita rate of disease.  It has broad implications in every disease and sickness.

So the first part to the study would be to find the country with the lowest per capita sugar consumption.  Then you indeed determine what diseases they do not have like the United States has prevalent.  Now right there you have established a scientific fact that cannot be ignored and it does indeed relate directly to causality!  Why because germs feed on sugar as an energy source.

One could also make the same study with alcohol.
And also with regard to air pollution.

What we are going to find out is that Corporate management was as irresponsible with human life as limited liability and the literary fiction of the corporate legal shield allowed them to be.

The gestalt is that they made money by victimizing humans for their health.  To me that is a form of torture!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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