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Friday, March 28, 2014

Voting Referendum With regard to the Milwaukee County Board members salary 03 28 2014

With regard to the Milwaukee County Board members salary 03 28 2014

Those are very important positions in Milwaukee and should be entrusted to qualified individuals.

And just because an individual sitting on the board does not agree with a policy because they have more heart than the next person does not mean you cap their salary!

It looks like they want to cap that salary to about 24,051 x 1.5 or about $36,076.50.

Now it has also been stated those are not full time positions.  What do they really want those positions to be, for those who have other financial means and come in from a brave day on the golf course to make decisions for Milwaukee that up to this point through empirical evidence have been wrong for us.

To be a Milwaukee Country Board member would require an individual to do a lot of research rather than just talking to so and so and networking.  So therefore it cannot be capped at a level that is that close to the poverty line!

The Milwaukee County Board has held the line on some very tough issues just as a Union army might have held a line?  And hence they should be commended for that!

I also believe there shouldn't be a great pay disparity between them and Abele or Barret!

Why not?  Again the narrow decision making empowerment has not been good for us!

Even if you paid them each $75,000 a year it would not be detrimental to our budget!  They are entrusted with very responsible positions!  I could cap it at $75k and bring down the other two so that they do not sit in the high chairs at the round table!

So I will vote NO here.

And the next one about amending the Constitution is a little bit of a bad inroad however I will vote yes.  We really don't need to start amending the Constitution because this one is plain and clear cut and never should have happened in the first place.  It is a flight of fantasy or work of fiction to try and convince us that a corporation is a person!  It should have never made it this far!  Civil rights lawyers should have jumped on this one and stomp-led it to death!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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