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Monday, March 17, 2014

With so many sexual assaults in the Military why 03 17 2014

With so many sexual assaults in the Military why 03 17 2014

With so many sexual assaults in the Military why aren't we hearing of more killings?

One would think that they have immediate access to weaponry and the retribution and justice would likely be immediate out of temporary insanity from human nature?

I guess I don't get it.

But maybe that is the basis of killings in the military where the perpetrator is killed in the process and we don't hear about it?

I am just saying that it doesn't add up.

That and the fact that someone told me there are drugs in the military and they are rampant!  Drugs and firearms don't mix so you would think that there would also be killings from that aspect too.  But we don't hear of that either!  Someone strung out on something goes psycho and kills?  Very interesting.  And maybe it is one of those things that hasn't happened yet, like the 500 year flood, it will happen after a certain point?

Very interesting?

Perhaps it is because those assaulted are put on medicine to calm them down?  Perhaps they just leave the military for fear of it happening again?  Perhaps they are asked to leave and end up with a very bad perception about the United States?  Those are what would be called home grown terrorist?  And they are created, to explain it, by lack of integrity in our Government or chain of command?

And I look at this from the point of view of someone who would be in a position of authority to do something about it and the question being what should be done about it by those who are in authority?

It seems like Barrack just wants to make one speech after another with the alter ego of Mohammad Ali but not properly address an issue like this?

But when you see the killings that have occurred in the military and you put two and two together with the amount of assaults that occurred is it any great surprise to you?  It isn't to me and nor was it when those stories broke in the news. 

But what bothers me is that we have a weakened image of our United States military at the same time we are venturing into trouble worldwide.  It is almost like they are waiting for an attack on our homeland so that they can use the excuse of military ineptitude in order to stand back and watch ethnic cleansing and genocide occur here!  As if the deaths from our health care system are not enough!  Brings up another interesting point.  How can they claim that health care is so great in the United States when 10's of thousands die every year from prescription drugs alone!  That doesn't support the concept of a great health care record does it!  Quite to the contrary!  But we are used to people saying they are something they are not!  At least I am.  I grew up in a wealthy suburb of Beer town Milwaukee!  If a Milwaukean lost an eye he would be pouring beer into the socket on a Friday night!

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