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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Both the British and Nazi's went house to house! 03 18 2014

Both the British and Nazi's went house to house! 03 18 2014

But the Americans have never gone house to house against the English Druids or German Fascists, or Organized Criminal families here have we?

That law was in place so that the British could not search and seize us!  That was the intent of the Law because it revealed their nature!  That law was created in retaliation of the British and what they believed!  So therefore it should not offer them or those of similar belief system any protection in the United States once they are dug in here and trying to tear up our Constitution; that prevented them from illegal search and seizure!

800,000 children go missing per year!

People who believe in the full meaning of the United States Constitution and freedom are not the ones who would take those children!  So we very well indeed know who the likely suspects are again!  Those who challenged our Constitutional Rights and mal interpreted them!  Those who can't think for themselves and would hence degrade to monkey behavior whereby because they were not able to support themselves they ate those children!  And eating people causes a mental defect so it is self perpetuating!   Allister Crowley I believe it was told Adolph Hitler that wealthy British Banking Family members sacrificed children!  Is this part of the pro life movement?  In order to have a large supply of children that are unaccounted for?  Jesus Christ they are offered for sale or exchange on the internet today in the United States!  That isn't US!  The French kept people in their dungeons is it safe to say they also ate few?  FDR who repealed Prohibition was of English and French nationality!  And it has been stated that many world leaders have the rare Rh- negative blood-type in common!  It means that you don't have the antigen for the rhesus monkey!  Which indeed means that the monkey is more similar to you, than a human being, if you don't have it?  Hence the reason the English Druids worshiped savage beast monkey?

Perhaps there exists and evolutionary progression of some form of monkey to, Rhesus and then to human!  Whereby those that don't have the antigen to the Rhesus monkey are less human?  We already know this is true because they have a higher propensity towards gay, meaning asexual behavior, just like a tribe of monkey's mating with all members of the tribe regardless of sex or age.  We also know that the Rh- are more likely to have red hair.  What we know about red headed women is that they are less sensitive to pain or have a greater tolerance!  This can only be a lesser form of humanity?  Why because it leads to less human empathy and human sympathy!  They cannot as accurately identify with the pain of other human beings and hence are less social and human!  The human being one that cares for its family!  And the ability to sense pain accurately in others is indeed paramount to humanity!

And my Grandmothers surname was Roth on my dad's side.  It means red!  I have the A+ blood type!  So that red Roth or Roth Child might have implications in Nazi Germany?  And German is indeed a word that came from Mongrel?  Meaning mixed race or species!  It was King Herod that concurred and ruled Israel for Rome and he came from Edom, meaning Red.  Edom was named because the person that founded it was born red all over!  That is indicative of a mixed race miscegenation!  The mother and whatever type of thing that fathered the child being incompatible and the child being born with reddened inflammation all over its body!  Perhaps there is a way to dope the blood of the Rh- to make them Rh+!!!  Now that is thinking in terms of peace isn't it!  And I believe something like that is implied to happen in the book of Revelation in the Bible!  Were going to make you nice and give you the ability to think for yourselves?  Are you up for it?

The Word British comes from Briton and it comes from prittanoi it is a greek word in origin but celtic and it means to cut or carve.  Compare that to druid ritual!  It is also consistent with children being taken and druid monkey worshiping philosophy. It also means "Tattoed people"  and that is synonymous with Island Pirates and also the formation of Corporations!
And could they be the miserable ones that were left on England and barred from Ireland?  Why did skull and bones boats paddle from England to Ireland and chant fi fie foe fum I smell the blood of an Irishman?  Does it have to do with the tattoos and being named as people that cut or carve?

The name Murphy means hospitable.  That is the direct opposite of someone who would steal and kidnap children!  Does the pro life movement provide ample children that can go missing and are unaccountable for?  No other movement in the history of the world has caused more missing children than the pro life movement!  So what you say?  You would not want to be one of those missing children would you!  That is how you should think of it! It would be better that you were never born than some creep were allowed to get a hold of  you and carve you up slowly; as Druids who worship the monkeys were known to do in ritual!  But the Pro-life movement doesn't care about them!  Just balance the force of the Pro life Movement against that of the missing children movement and you get a very good idea about who the good people are and who the bad people are!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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