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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Try This 03 30 2014

Try This 03 30 2014

Plan on going somewhere special that you might enjoy; like the library, out to lunch or fishing.  Plan on leaving at a set time.  Now you know as well as I that you have plenty of work to do to keep you busy; or at least that is how I try and schedule my time.

What you will find is that in the 45 minutes before you are about to leave you will be able to  get about 10 things done that would have otherwise have taken you a week full of distracted thinking from voices.
And what you might also notice is that when you go to that someplace you will see a parent holding their blind child or mentally defective child by the hand and the child will be holding back a leer!
Here is what happened.  They did not want you to leave your home, because when you are at home they are with you!  So in order to try and motivate you to keep you at home they allowed you to get things done!
Try it and see if it holds true for you!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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