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Monday, March 17, 2014

Personal Development Issue 03 17 2014

Personal Development Issue 03 17 2014

I just realized, as a listened to a recording of myself making my nephew play a cheap guitar, that I have the most uncultured and crass laughter and that is likely why I am single!  So that is something I will indeed have to work on personally!  And there is a field of psychology that states if you change your mannerisms you change along with it for the better.  So indeed I view that as a chance for further personal development!

And I am not going to allot myself the excuse that there are many souls with me as a reason for the crass and uncultured laughter!  Hence if I can reform that I too might be able to reform a great many with me?

And hence it will be good therapy for me to replay that crass laughter until it is banished from my persona out of repetitive recognition and dislike for it!

And perhaps this is indeed the key to my personal development!

I would encourage everyone to record their voice and the sound of them both talking and laughing in different situations in order to better see how other people perceive them to be.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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