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Friday, March 21, 2014

How and why the son’s of Lilith are Created 03 21 2014

How and why the son’s of Lilith are Created 03 21 2014

To you being a mother would be the greatest desire to have a little blond haired boy;  for the sole desire that you could see out of its eyes and play just as it does!
And you would henpeck that son out of frustration until he is USELESS; in your psychotic attempt to be able to see out of his eyes!
It would create the most frustrated and mean child.  And it is all motivated by you wanting to be something you can NEVER be!
Before a female like you reaches the age of puberty society needs to sit down with you and have a long talk with you about why you are the way you are and what it means in terms of your future goals in life; because that isn’t why being a mother is!

Being a mother isn’t your opportunity to attempt to be a child again!  (It isn’t the opportunity for you to steal a child’s childhood just as yours was stolen.  That natural time of innocence and discovery!)
It isn’t that moment when you desire to be what you can never be is achieved!
It isn’t the time whereby your mental defect is to metamorphasize from delusion to fulfillment in reality!
It is not what having and raising children is all about and you will ruin them!
It really amounts to the belief that you are attempting to appropriate and demonically possess a human being when there is never at time for you to ever to do that in order to fill your voided person!  This is not the opportunity for the witch of a woman to apply her mental defect!
Children do not naturally develop by application of your defect; and maybe that is the reason you attempt this;  because they are genetically defective and there is no hope for them?
How mean were you to your own children out of personal frustration for being mentally defective?
What failed personal goals did you try to transfer to them?  (To make them the star baseball pitcher and create a paid for industry that rose up around them in glamour?  That is how God awful you are!  That is how you transferred your mental defect onto the United States!  Make them look like a brave War hero after they speak while exhausted from playing a game? Is it really a sign of your incompetence in the adult academic world of responsibility?)
Were you mean to them out of self hatred and inability to have a normal relation with them?  You had no loving adult mind to imprint them with did you!  Did you drive them away from you so that you could be a neglective parent’ because you could not express normal love for a child? Memories from the injustice of familial incest plague your mind don’t they?  Don’t touch me you think as you cannot hug your own child with love!
I think these things as I listen to the dislocated beast voices and wonder what you are doing here!
Life is not supposed to be your attempt to meld your vacant and evil conscious with that of a human being whose isn’t that way!
That is not a step forward reaching personal maturation but rather an indication you never will and are unable to!
Parenting is not meant to be your depriving your child of their individuality so that when they leave your presence for the day you are still with them as a PREDATOR SPIRIT!  What it creates is a psyche in that child who behaves in an antisocial manner towards other children. (Tag word Bully)  And he/she (yes she!) learned that method from your self hatred projected unto him!
At a very young age, as it is a corollary to the Bible, you gave him all your hatred, sins and self loathing!  Life isn’t about your endless quest to find an opportunity to do that! – to victimize other human beings!  Does it have to do how you view a man’s anatomy; as a weapon that hurt you in your youth?  As an element of power?
Your sexual desires are also transferred to him (your odd son) aren’t they!
And you want that concept normalized so you can further absolve yourself of personal guilt and responsibility for your actions!  NORMALITY DOESN’T WORK THAT WAY!
Maybe he correctional method is for citizens to mock her by oddly saying under their breath, “He what you got down there?”  Because this is a mother who grew up not being able to or wanting to distinguish herself from boys just as a female wolf doesn’t; SHAME!  This technique would reinforce her understanding in reality that she is not a male!  A word of caution, any time you taunt the DEVIL be prepared for it to opportunize acts of vengeance through its disembodied soul against you!

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Thomas Paul Murphy
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