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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

How the Magog would defeat a Democracy- 35 Ways 03 19 2014

How the Magog would defeat a Democracy- 35 Ways  03 19 2014
1.       Let wave after wave of illegal immigrants infest it.
2.       Allow its own citizens to be tortured.
3.       Create financial fraud whereby they give each other a house.
4.       Failure of the Police to respond to calls.
5.       Make sure its citizens can use as much drugs and alcohol as possible.

6.       Hold the birth defective in high regard.
7.       Traumatize citizens and create psychiatric fraud.
8.       Allow religion to make their own rules or laws instead of obeying Constitutional Law.
9.       Allow the population to consume unsafe food.
10.   Make a mockery of employment by sending jobs to cheap labor countries and make professional sports highly paid.
11.   Charge the consumer very high interest rates.
12.   Make Prostitution legal by failing to execute pimps (including self pimps: selfies)
13.   Allow former drug dealers and other criminals to become high profile public figures such as ambassadors.
14.   Eliminate the death penalty.
15.   Charge the consumer exorbitant prices on everyday needs.
16.   Allow the mentally defective to run the banking industry.
17.   Use Health Care as genocide.
18.   Legalize gambling.
19.   Rather than teach children form children into gangs and lower standards so they all pass.
20.   Don’t declare full scale military conflicts as wars.
21.   Allow everything born to be kept and pay them to keep it.
22.   Allow the mentally defective to adopt and trade children with one another.
23.   Brag on National television that your wife really makes all the decisions for you.
24.   Ban weapons including steak knives.
25.   Encourage gay behavior as freedom of expression.
26.   Allow those with plague like symptoms to roam freely among us.
27.   Create noise disturbances and harass the educated children of sound mind.
28.   Glamorize the Amoral.
29.   Reassign those in your business who have sexually victimized children.
30.   Make a mockery out of a college education.  By granting degrees to those who clearly didn’t deserve them and then making them public figures.
31.   Misinterpret History as it happens.
32.   Promote the nondeserving in business and politics.
33.   Fail to punish your own children for wrongdoing.
34.   After failing to raise your own children to be men and women allow them to believe they are someone else who was.
35.   Allow the mentally defective to have easy access to drugs and alcohol, because that is how you misinterpret LIBERTY!
Here is what the Magog will then accuse normal people of,
“He’s got my brain in his stomach!  He’s got my brain in his stomach!  He’s got my brain in his stomach!”

Thomas Paul Murphy
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