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Sunday, March 23, 2014

I am Pro Non Defective White Segregation 03 23 2014

I am Pro Non Defective White Segregation 03 23 2014\

Here is why.  Those minorities provide a buffer to the White criminals! 
Have you ever seen a Sheriff arrest a Doctor for Malpractice?
Have you ever seen a Sheriff arrest a Banker for Mortgage fraud and remove them from their homes?  No!  But plenty of Sheriffs have removed those who could no longer pay their mortgage to the banker!  And in fact that has been a source of gunfire!
Have you ever seen a sheriff arrest a member of Homeland Security for illegal search and seizure? (There used to be a concept whereby Sheriff’s deputized trusted individuals.)  Today individuals are deputized by Homeland Security to spy on their neighbors for profit!
Have you ever seen a pharmacist arrested for wrongful death?  And the pharmacist executed for it as the equivalent of murder?

Have you ever seen a pair of homosexuals or lesbians arrested on obscenity charges?  Now I got into an argument with my mother on this one.  She said it was good of the Pope to tell people to leave homos alone.  And I quickly explained what it meant.  “Do you believe in one man sodomizing or performing fellatio?  I could never even conceive of myself being or doing that with a man.” Then I told her this.  I hear voices in my head and they want to say I am mentally ill because of that.  Can you imagine if you were a woman that thought you were a man?  How can they say that isn’t a mental illness or defect.  Okay so I still hadn’t convinced her yet until I said this, “Could you put yourself in the shoes of a lesbian and see yourself kissing and sucking on another woman?”  Rather quickly she cringed and her shoulders raised in disgust and her face grimaced!  So even though she had that reaction to the truth she likely is still not convinced.  Despite having that reaction to what it really means.  So women don’t really understand that.  They think the Homosexual is Mr. Friendly and they are not!  The desire to sodomize another man or be sodomized by one or dominate one to perform oral sex is not Mr. Friendly!  And they do indeed want to be able to say when a man rapes another man that is could have been consensual in their defense.  They then want to apply that doctrine to your children to!  It was consensual sex with your son and he was asking for it so the adult is innocent!  That has indeed been used as a valid defense against child rape in the south!  So they will try and apply it once they have granted the standard of normality to gay marriage!  And indeed I told my mother that is exactly what happens to pro life children raised in foster homes; they are raped daily!  So that is what it really means.  .
Have you ever seen a child molester or a pimp executed?  No one wants one living in their neighborhood and yet we don’t dare execute him?  It would be having to admit we made a mistake somewhere along the line.  (That mistake was the legalization of alcohol by the way!)
And the pure white determination can only be made by DNA and brain scan.
So if you indeed have segregation based on pure white non defective human beings then you no longer have that layer of minority criminality protecting the white criminal?  Well that would be my belief but what would likely happen is that bad whites would overtake that idealism in fraud!  As what happened with the medical fraud of schizophrenia.
And perhaps it is like what my childhood Jewish friend always yelled at his older brother, “Where were you when they handed out the brains?”  And there is indeed enough evidence supporting Levi from the Bible and also that Adolf Hitler may have been a homosexual that Jews should not have a liberal attitude towards it!  That was your greatest enemy in world history! And as for the execution of pimps?  The pimp has to be a homosexual too, why?  Because you would have to despise women in order to sell them for sex.  And the hatred of women is indeed the equivalent of not wanting to love them or form a life long marriage bond with one.  It isn’t just you saying, “I prefer.”  You are not at Liberty to be the “I prefer” because it violates the rights of the normal human being in our society.
We might as well have the picture of a Troglodyte on our paper currency today!
My mother just stated now they are going to debate, “Should college athletes be paid?”  I quickly responded, “I don’t even believe professional athletes should be paid.”  It makes a complete mockery out of the concept of work!  Do you want to know the truth those dumb jocks can’t do anything else in life that contributes to our society!  They defacto make their money from alcohol sales which indeed creates all of the above!  I looked at the picture of the morning Newspaper and saw the faces of drunken UW fans celebrating the victory of the Badgers and immediately thought the young adult NO GOOD DRUNK has absolutely no place in academia or professional careers in our society!  What man is so mentally spoiled that he believes he can play a game to earn a living in life?  What man believes that he can contribute nothing to society or democracy and patriotism represented by our Constitution and earn a fortune?  They are not men they are spoiled sick drunken losers!  And it breaks my heart when I see a professional athlete posing with a child who was born with a defect; as if they are the best role model for the Man in our society.  Nothing could be more of a lie, they make their money from alcohol sales that create those birth defective children.  Somehow they have gotten their own victim to worship them!!!!  That sounds like violation of the separation of Church and State in our Constitution to me!
I dare you to read this opinion on television or radio?  I know what you want to happen!  I know what happens to people like me who are not afraid to say or write what they believe!  You want to stalk them, harass them and then kill them after you backed them into a corner and this is instead what your woman’s minded men will read on the evening news, “And he ranted and raved in lunacy on the Internet and no one saw the warning signs.”
And the Black man, Minister Farrakhan is pro segregation too!  But once segregation were established it would have to be taken one step further so that the mentally defective “per race” were not allowed to influence that grouping and establish corruption. 
The reason that peaceful and great societies come to an end is because those who believe in polytheism never realize that the beast that does not have its own mind loathes them and seeks to destroy them and the peaceful living out on the prairie are slaughtered!  The good natured person can never conceive of such evil just as my mother could not conceive of what it really meant to be a gay or lesbian until I gave her a literary representation of the reality.
If you ever went to school with another boy who had aspirations to be a paid professional athlete you would realize they were the most spoiled brat that you had ever met!  I wonder if there are others who would be willing to corroborate that belief?  If there are they are in hiding; for fear of being physically dominated and abused?  That brings up another interesting point with regard to Communism.  Was the goal of Communism that all of its citizens aspire to be Olympic athletes?  If so it explains why the Communist economy failed!  Aspiring to be an Olympic athlete is far different than seeking to be of strong mind and body connection!  It is unbalanced towards strong body and weak mind!
Now this would be the basis of a good short story.  What if in your classroom there was a child that was bigger than the rest of you and he wore a pointed dunce hat.  Every time that you got an A he was automatically granted an A too!  Only upon graduation he got the job and you didn’t?  So I just gave away a short story.  No one was going to buy my writing anyway!!!!  Why buy something when you can automatically get an A or an Abraham Lincoln Penny rather than a Dollar with the picture of a Troglodyte on it!
And every time I think of the illegal immigrants in the United States I get the gestalt of George Bush crouched over at the shoulders with a gremlin like face gloating and laughing in maniacal hysteria as he let them flood through the Texas border while he was Governor of Texas and president of the United States.  (And his brother did the same as Governor of Florida.  We didn’t have the drug problem to the degree we do today before that.)  And some of those white supremacist selling drugs in Texas look like Axis Italian Nazis to me.  That Italian is half black to me as they were bred by the Moors who were blacks.  The pope gave a mass the other day.  There were 862 people there who were family members of those killed by the Italian Mafia!  He called them bad blood too!  And I here I will contradict myself in saying that I believe some homosexuals form by being sexually traumatized and having there soul demonically possessed and stolen by the satanic or AKA criminal minded!  So indeed they are victims of a greater evil that then also became the evil?  Again the homosexual is not Mr. Friendly for the above reasons.  The act of one male touching fondly which is otherwise known as sexually molesting another is indeed an act of homosexuality!  And how many people really consensually pay the price they do for a new car that they purchase?  The point is that at some point consensual activity really isn't; it is manipulation!  And the case for that concept should be readily made between members of the same sex versus opposite sex!  Do you see why? No real human male man wants to manipulate the sexuality of another man.  So they are not even men!  In spite of them wanting to wag that gay dick at you in the locker room!
And do you know what is cruel and unusual punishment?  For one man to be encarcerated with a homosexual!  So indeed our judicial and legislative system has had been influenced by that which does not appear to have a human conscience and is therefore not a human being!

There I said it!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Copyright 2014 Thomas Paul Murphy

You won't understand this nuance, but "Five dunces sitting on a television commentary panel get an A for knowing what clothes a man will wear that day."

"I knew he was going to wear that today, I was way ahead of him!"

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