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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Television and the Black Woman 03 19 2014

Television and the Black Woman 03 19 2014

Television doesn’t do much for the reputation of the black woman!
When you watch you have to ask yourself, is there one intelligent black woman that doesn’t have the introverted voice OR defiant attitude of a spoiled girl???

In fact what the American Media is lacking altogether is that sense of anxiety whereby if they screw up they are fired and gone!  (Do I need to tell you who have been fired and what for, instead of who should have been?)
And maybe that is professionalism in media; because it is void of emotion?
Now here is a KEY # 1!
Just asking the question and expecting a legitimate answer and if you put up with less you are the one who is gone!  (That should be the standard of Professionalism in the media!)  Because anything less is weakness in character!
We wouldn’t have as many Magog type problems if our media had been accountable!
KEY #2
It takes tact to ask the second followup question, and that requires intelligence.  It can’t be faked!
And upon asking that second question there is nothing wrong with attempting to shame the person being interviewed before, during and after the question!  In fact that would be the role of responsible media!  And it can’t be subjective based on the idealism, what would so and so do in a circumstance like this!  That doesn’t work!  The person asking the question has to have first person knowledge and integrity!
The viewer knows immediately, even when they are as young as 5 years old, that the television personality or public figure is weak minded and nondeserving of their career!
And what is worse than that is to watch MALES who have a woman’s snotty attitude try and fake toughness and intelligence!  It amounts to watching the bootleggers DAUGHTER.
Petition to “Clear Cut” the United States media!
And who has ever heard this, “My big break in television came when…”….”Hold it right there you should have never been on television!”

Now the last time I wrote something like this the next day on local television I watched as a man 6’5” tall interviewed a man 5’6” tall.  And it was filmed from an odd camera angle!  So that is the media’s idea of ACTING responsible!  Yep, we got that covered, until next year!  And isn’t that a principle we see a lot?  The, “Yep that will cover the issue!”  “Yep we covered that!”  “Yep that addresses the concern.”  “Yep that is all we have to do to address a concern like that!”  That is how a Magog thinks!
Now are their black woman out there who could do a better job?  If there are they have had their minds TAKEN from them by the voices of females who should be living in trees!  So that is where you would find them if you wanted to address that concern; at the psychiatric ward or on vondoon medicine!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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