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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Convicted Felons and Guns 03 22 2014

Convicted Felons and Guns 03 22 2014

Either he has done his time and has been reformed and therefore he can have his gun back because he served his sentence or he should still be in jail or executed.

You have tried to have it both ways and it hasn't worked!  You didn't want to recognize the violent criminals were mentally defective did you!! It would cut into your only source of making money, alcohol and drugs!

The other reason that you didn't want to execute the criminal whose gun you didn't want to give back is because you yourself have a mental defect; and you didn't want it to get around to you!  So he serves as a buffer doesn't he?  Maybe the test would be would you want someone who did that to be your neighbor?  And then we get back to it again, would you want anyone who was mentally defective to be your neighbor?  And I am indeed saying that schizophrenia is a medical fraud, the symptoms are real and horrific but it is a medical fraud because those things that are said to them by the voices do not originate from their own minds!  The Army and Navy have had the ability to drive United States Citizens mentally ill for decades on end know via the use of technology that interferes and supplants brain waves and thoughts!

If he has served his time then he should be given his gun back!  What you know is that he cannot be punished so that he reforms and repents!  You also know that it can't be done with alcohol legalized! 

So what kind of a future do you want?  Maybe the best way to find peace in our society is for the mentally defective to come forth and admit what they are and voluntarily surrender their guns!  Under the United States Constitution a U.S. has the right to always have a gun!  The reason being so that we don't have the types of problems were the corrupt victimize the innocent!  And that isn't something that an adopted bastard son can subjectively determine for the rest of us!  That isn't something a hillbilly President like Clinton can interfere with either!  Nor could an actor like Reagan.  Or a nepotism German son like Bush.  Or a black boy raised by a GoGo dancer who came home late and night and woke him up to teach him how to study!  Think I don't know what you are Barrack?  Think I can't put two and two together!  And take that alcohol out of the picture and we all have enough to eat and our children can roam freely without the beast among us stalking them for their non defective human soul!  Barrack you take away our guns and there is no one to free people like your own mother from that type of abuse!

And maybe if you give a felon his gun back upon exit from prison he goes right after the ring leader of the drug organization or mafia with it and he kills him!  Amen to that I say to you to quote Jesus Christ!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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