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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

It is your Constitutional Right to Bear Arms! 03 18 2014

It is your Constitutional Right to Bear Arms! 03 18 2014

“Carry, bring, transport, move, convey, take with you, fetch, deliver, tote, lug.”
It is your Constitutional right!!!
Now what is an arm!
We got these laws because a President from the Drug infested State of California who was an actor implemented it!

We also have the Constitutional violation of that law, no guns within what is termed a school zone, because another inept President George Bush apparently had his nose up a Queens skirt!
None of that has helped our Country!  In fact after that no guns within a school zone violation of our Constitution went into effect we had legalized marijuana in Colorado?  You can’t get much worse that that!  It is either the result of stooges in our Government or it is like it was planned that way!  And both those concepts are about the same!
These men are national hero’s already!
More and more United States Citizens need to avail themselves of that Constitutional Right!  If drugs, corruption, prostitution, and even TAVERN’s are located in your neighborhood it is time for you to go for a walk where everyone can see your gun!
And these were two small towns in Wisconsin were this man asserted his Constitutional Right!
Can you imagine living in a small town in Wisconsin and walking to the public hunting grounds with your gun an AR-15 and having the police stop you?  They have no right to do that because it infringes on your Constitutional right to keep and Bear arms!  You are indeed still a boy and of legal hunting age!
And it does indeed tell the low life elements and also the wealthy cocaine blow holes that drugs do not rule the American Economy!  Good men who do not drink nor use drugs have a duty to bear those arms!  Again why?  Because that way the criminal element of our society is kept in check!  And I can tell you already when that criminal element see’s those guns being “beared” by competent and men with non-defective minds they will indeed think twice about engaging in criminal activity!  And that criminal minded element of our society has already gained too much financial strength and political power!  And whether the criminal minded are created by alcohol or inbreeding is still a question our University system has failed to address and study using our academic taxpayer funded resources!
Now wouldn’t this make a great Meet Up Opportunity?  To show victims of violent crime that the rest of the country will not tolerate it?  You see those proud Americans walking to the scene of a crime where a victim was made and it changes things very quickly!  And they have the Constitutional Right to do that!  And it may not be infringed!  Which means that any laws concerning it are indeed null and void per our Constitution!  It may not be infringed!  You may not want to realize it but the CONSTITUTION is indeed THE SUPREME LAW OF THIS LAND!
That right also means that there can be no laws concerning which United States Citizens can bear them!  It applies to ALL United States Citizens!  Let me tell you why this is so important!  When FDR repealed Prohibition it was part of his New Deal plan.  His New Deal plan was influenced by Wisconsin Eugenicists!  And those Eugenicists believed that the larger sized man would fare better than the smaller sized man in what can only amount to their vision of an apocalyptic future!  Do you see the error of logic right away?  The larger sized man that thought of that knew that he was going to cause the breakdown of society and pandemonium right away!  That is how the idea formed in his mind!  It amounts to complete pessimism with regard to his own ability to sustain society!  So that was part of it!  The other part of it that you don’t want to believe in is that other part FDR’s New Deal plan was based on, “One must surrender their individuality for the sake of industry!”  Nothing could be more of a communist contradiction of your Constitutional rights than that belief!  It really relates to the voodoo practice of creating the living dead!    They did that by poisoning men with a nerve toxin from a puffer fish and then burying them and digging them up!  They wanted to live off their soul to their exclusion of using it and they already knew that they could not benefit from that soul if they killed that person.  Much the same way that after they killed the Jew Jesus Christ the world entered the Dark Ages.  Now I can articulate this point better, but it is off topic.  FDR’s family wealth came from the opiate trade.  Heroin is an opiate!  If you look at the face of a Heroin addict you will readily see that they look like someone made a zombie out of them!  Now the man of smaller stature or the man who is outnumbered by a gang of drug dealers has that right to bear arms because of it!  It really amounts to a leveling agent against the satanic minded!  England was the headquarters for Druids, the worship the monkey.  Do you see what it is that can defeat the monkey?  The gun!
Now a brief history lessen:
1.       England tried to tax the United States and take us over in the Revolutionary War!  If we did not have guns to defend our rights we would have never had the great form of government we established!
2.        England aided the South in the Civil War!  If we had not had guns there would still be slavery!  Think of that black people who want a better community free from fear of creep ruler ship!
3.       England had knowledge of the whereabouts of the Japanese fleet in WWII in the Pacific and did not tell the United States!  Had they done so the United States would have experienced much fewer casualties?
4.       Today England owns some of the world’s largest oil companies.  Also the Saudi Royal Family members were educated at English Universities.  Think of that when you can’t figure out how they knew where to place that roadside bomb in the Middle East.
5.       I could go on and on with this list and it could well be over 100 items long!  But the point is you don’t worship the monkey without denying a comparison to your belief that it is equal or better than you!  And monkeys are 3x stronger than humans and if given a chance a pet monkey will rape you!  Perhaps they worship the monkey because they have the Rh- bloodtype and are therefore lacking in principles of humanity.  (Won’t give you the scientific proofs, but I did not write it without direct reference to them!)  What am I getting at?  That Englishman/Frenchman nationality FDR’s belief system that was based on Charles Van Hise the then President of the University of Wisconsin Madison was the equivalent that the man who is of the equivalent of the monkey in terms of strength would do better in a wasteland world!  He did not seem to realize that it would mean that his vision of the future was one that created the wasteland!  Real human beings don’t think like that!  We have a positive vision of what the future should be and seek to make it that way!  And that vision centers around our Human and not monkey rights being violated!  The monkey would seek that none of us could think for ourselves or protect ourselves from it!  Do you see why someone in history might have come to a dark conclusion as a terminal solution?
It should be incomprehensible to you, the extent to which drugs have infested our country.
And you are not going to like this next one!  It is illegal per the Supreme Law of this land The Constitution of the United States to sell or give someone an addictive substance!  Why?  Because it is addictive they are not at LIBERTY to stop using it; hence their LIBERTY has been violated!  Now FDR supported France by repealing the Prohibition of Alcohol!  French is a big wine growing and drinking nation!  In fact their industry likely suffered from Prohibition!  That Statue of Liberty was given to us by the French!  And it has just the opposite meaning than it should!  It is a violation of your Constitutional Liberty to be given or sold alcohol!  Why because it is addictive you are not at LIBERTY to stop!  Now FDR’s family wealth came from opiate trade with China!  Do I have to tell you that it is nearly impossible for a Heroin addict to quit!  There Supreme rights of Life, LIBERTY and the Pursuit of Happiness have been taken from them; and that is Unconstitutional!  We need to rechristen that Statute of Liberty with a shawl so that it means exactly what it is supposed to and not French wine nor the right of the Fetal Alcohol Syndrome soulless children that are born from it!  A human being is defined as having a human conscience and human reason!  One only has that ability to be one when they have a non defective hippo-campus!  The hippo campus is responsible for memory and learning!  It is one of the first parts of the brain to go bad (oxygen deprivation death) in fetal alcohol syndrome and Alzheimer’s (read R. Reagan) also Alcohol Psychosis is caused by oxygen deprivation to the hippo-campus!  And that is the equivalent of making a Zombie out of a human being!  Psychosis really means break from reality!  And it is an organic based illness meaning if you will, a visual analogy, if parts of your hippo campus are oxygen deprivation nerve cell death related to alcohol then you cannot recall your memories and learning!  And that is indeed one way that the human being has surrendered their individuality for the sake of industry.  Industry, in the context of that statement, really means concentrated wealth and control of employment and education by those who were born with a defective brain!  But alcohol psychosis is usually only temporary!  Once you abstain your mind starts to clear up again absent any other illnesses such as Candida or active denial technology systems.  But just one use of that alcohol and you can be in a confused state whereby you do something whereby they can label you a danger to your community unconstitutionally take away your gun and put you on an addictive substance that limits your ability to use your higher mind!  Monotheism is just that!  The desire of the beast among us not to feel insecure because she is bound to the thinking of a non-defective human beings mind!  The Puritans who founded the United States believed that if one drank that they should only drink in moderation!  They also believed that because of their strong morals they were Godly; that makes them Polytheists!  Jesus was a monotheist too!  He looked on the people of the village with amazement and said to them, “Don’t you know that you are Gods!”  That makes him a Polytheist.  Now another nation that was attacked and concurred by “England” was India!  And India had many Gods!  That is a Polytheist belief system!  It allows one to create a rational human mind because they think of things from various points of views due to Polytheism!  (Now not all India Indian’s are Polytheists!)  Communism is monotheism and a non separation of church and state!  A monarchy, such as England, is also monotheism!  The King translating the Bible to mean as in Protestant Lutheranism that, “It doesn’t matter what you do in life as long as at the hour of your death you ask to be forgiven!”  That is really a monkey scribing a religious concept isn’t it!  Catholicism to is monotheism because they preach that Jesus was the one true God, even Jesus himself contradicted that very belief.   What monotheism allows to happen is the belief system of people become concentrated and narrow to the point whereby there is no separation of Church and State!  That means dictatorship!  The reason being is that the monkey cannot stand free thinking human minds among it!  Why?  Because it creates a direct contradiction to its view of self, which is a delusion of superiority through strength!  And that really means that it believes itself to be better by being able to physically dominate and abuse other human beings!  The Corporation business concept came from the Queen of Monkeyland granting limited liability to pirates acting on her behalf!  Think of that when you think of pirate ships bringing black slaves to the United States!  What that belief system also amounts to, I am not responsible for my actions because of a fictitious legal document, is both monotheism and a violation of the rights of the United States worker!  The Corporation is Unconstitutional because it is a violation of the separation of Church and State!  Congress cannot make any laws with respect to religion!  The belief that I declare myself not liable for my actions via a work of fictitious paper is indeed Congress having made a law respecting religion!  And this one got slipped to us in mass post WWII and FDR and his doctrine that was the heart of his New Deal Plan, “One must surrender their individuality for the sake of industry!” It really means shut up and let me sell my birth defect causing wine, alcohol and heroin, and anything else I want to sell to you that will screw you up and violate your Liberty to stop taking it!”  Now as that French Wine Statue of Liberty stand we have been violated from the knowledge of the true meaning of LIBERTY!  It is just the opposite of what the French wanted us to believe!
Now the English Druids worship the monkey.  If you gave a young monkey a loaded gun, what are the odds that it would shoot itself or its brother with it?  Pretty high!  That or it would automatically point it at a human being and pull the trigger!  Or use it to force the human being to take drugs or be a TRUE PROSTITUTE, etc, etc.
If you think you can find a flaw in my logic let me know, because I will indeed clarify it to you!

And one more thing about the monkey! It can't stand it when a human being, it is dependent minded to, relaxes and aims that gun at a target at the range!

Okay do you see why they don't want those diagnosed with mental illness to have guns?  It is because those are people they screwed up!  They know extremely well that the mentally ill ARE their victims!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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