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Monday, March 24, 2014

A short Note on the last Dateline Episode 03 24 2014

A short Note on the last Dateline Episode 03 24 2014

In that episode a man who murdered two women was caught.  What helped catch him was a woman who he had attacked that got away, as he tried to rape her she told him, "You're going to have to kill me!"  He responded with, "That can be arranged."  At which point she elbowed him in the nose and it gave her just enough distraction for her to wiggle out from under him and run away.

But at his trial that woman got up and berated him during sentencing.  And at the end of sentencing she stated, "And I wonder how his nose is?"

At which point a mask of pyschoticness formed over his face and he whispered to his defense attorney, "She didn't hit me,"  as if to say a girl did not beat him up.  That was the nature of this mans pride?

It was very interesting that he was evaluated by a psychiatrist who stated that he is not psychotic, delusional meaning mentally ill but rather he is just a very bad guy that should be in prison.

What does this mean?  This man had absolutely no break with reality and hence was not diagnosed as in need of psychiatric treatment.  He was fully competent of everything he said and none of it could seem to be from what they might term an invalid reference in the psychology world.  But yet the psychiatrist or psychologist that evaluated him stated that he was a very evil man.  He had been caught for sexual assault and beating of a 13 year when he was around 20 (that is the age males start drinking?)  But he had served 5 years in prison and was released.

They put a GPS monitoring system on him however they did not monitor where he went!  And he did indeed go to school zones and places like that!  The reason they didn't monitor where he went was because he was evaluated to be a low risk.  Again how can he be a low risk when he has already proved himself to commit a crime like that?

Not only that upon review of his records he had over 100 parole violations!

Now here s the part that I will write that won't likely make sense to you as you read this.

Now perhaps what I see here that most people don't is that the two women he killed were both straight A students!  They were model daughters!  Perfect, ambitious intelligence.  They kind of girls that you would expect to grow up and become strong moral leaders.

My mother was valedictorian of her High School class in Iowa.  Three girls once doped her drink with something, and it wasn't alcohol, to make her act silly at a band concert!

My father was food poisoned at a diner immediately after he got he was done with school at Marquette University.  He almost died!

I myself, after graduating from UW Milwaukee and passing the CPA exam was driven out of my mind by the Investment Industry in Chicago!  And technology was used to do that.  If it were not for my family I would be homeless dead and gone from exhaustion!

So this man that killed these two girls was drinking and also had just had a fight with his girlfriend.  Now we never saw the girlfriend but I have to wonder what part she played in this.  Was he really of her jealous soul or influenced by her jealousy of smart girls when he killed those two?  He did indeed admit that it was premeditated!

What am I getting at?  A shadow druid race that lives among us and learns along with us as we learn!  They are dependent minded to human beings!  And at the age when school is done they want to be rid of us!  And then what do they want to do?  They want to drink that alcohol so that they can stay in that childlike world!  And that is exactly what this man was when he stated, "She didn't hit me!"

Remember he was never stated to be mentally ill!  And even though he had a GPS tracker on him and beaten and sexually assaulted a teen and was also recommended to have the maximum sentence for that crime which he did not receive he was not tracked!

My point is this, people like this (shadow people is the term I will use here, but Jesus would call them satan) should NEVER EVER BE ALLOWED TO DRINK ALCOHOL!  There is no ducking out of being a responsible human being at the age of maturity!  That is not were you get to be a networked professional spoiled brat for the rest of your life!

1. He would not have been born the way he was had it not been for the alcohol.  I would even state that he looked like he had a birth defect as if he had Gorilla genes!
2. That alcohol causes an immediate break from reality!  Inebriation is indeed an immediate break from reality or otherwise known as form or symptom of mental illness!
3.And the exact same time that one drinks alcohol they are causing oxidative brain cell death to their brain.  But here is the key to why the drug is so  very dangerous!  That brain cell death is reinforcing animal or childlike behavior that one exhibits while at the same time killing off concepts of maturity and human behavior!  Do you understand how that reinforcement and "littering" concept works? Anything he doesn't like rather than emotionally maturing as he thinks about it and experiences guilt for his actions in life is discarded from his brain via the oxidation cell death.  And vice versa as he drinks he indeed makes a mockery of adult concepts with his friends, constructs of violence he saw on television and in his own squirming monkey brain!  And it is a large scale problem today in our society, people laughing at things that are not funny nor shouldn't be considered funny!  Misery laughing at the misery it willfully and actively creates in order to make its miserable self happy!
He does not drink to be a man he drinks because he can't stand the idea of being a man!  And the reason he does this is because he has been raised to be dependent minded and stuck.  And for all we really know he was abused as a child until the point whereby he could not tell the difference between himself and females, just as a female wolf or monkey in an all age incest tree doesn't know its sexual identity?  But more likely than not he was born that way.

And it is indeed a violation of our United States Constitution for someone to sell or give you an addictive substance.  Why?  Because it is addictive your guaranteed right to LIBERTY in our United States Constitution has been violated!  Why?  Because it is addictive one no longer has the LIBERTY to stop taking it!

Now I believe it is in the Center of the European Union that they have a new law that is something to the effect of children of any age can be killed.  This man who drinks is not just trying to be a child, he is trying to be someone worse than a child, a full grown ape with a criminal mind.

Now did you ever watch the old black and white television crime shows during bootlegging prohibition and listen to how the criminal minded tried to rationalize their crimes?  It was like listening to a monkey talk wasn't it?  And the exact same construct applies to the modern crime dramas.  I have even seen that punch drunk speaking face on Bill Clinton!  And other U.S. Presidents too!  It just takes one drink and that persons thinking is screwed up on a political issue and will be that way for the rest of their lives.  Don't ask me how it is reinforced in their minds because I don't want to mention Jewish Kabbalah.

A man like that should have never been allowed to drink!  His victims were two of the most intelligence gifted young women who had a very bright future and would have helped influence our world in a positive manner!   And per the examples that I stated above I believe that many who die young are indeed human beings that are victimized by the beast minded or soulless satanic that is dependent minded to them and doesn't want to be.

Now I could say that somehow through the life energy in reproductive fluid that when he fought with his girlfriend part of her wicked soul became him or demonically possessed him?  But the fact of the matter is that he still committed those crimes!  He might not have done them without the oxygen deprivation brain cell death reinforcement system (and that is indeed how I was trying to phrase it above, but I have beasts with me too and you likely can't tell them apart from normal people in a mug shot line up!)  He killed what his girlfriend likely could stand and was jealous of because he believed it to be the source of her unhappiness?  Or rather she demonically possessed him to kill those girls that she was jealous of and represented the source or her life's unhappiness.  Because she too was of a defective brain/mind?  The hippo campus, meaning memory is the first to go.  Now I could write about how the satanic mind has a dead walnut from a hippo campus oxygen deprivation brain cell death from fetal alcohol spectrum disorder and that its world and life is entirely different than a normal human being because of this.  If you will its entire memory is made of of external stimuli with no sense of personal introspection.  It might very well in some cases be genetic and from inbreeding too!  So we need the DNA testing so that the inbreeds can not revert to animal behavior after they use alcohol as an escape mechanism???  Sounds like we would have to go to too much trouble!  And can you imagine trying to transition the satanic to not be allowed to utilize alcohol?  Again that is like a monkey trying to rationalize the reason it committed crimes and not being able to and hence needing an escape mechanism such as alcohol.  That forced sobriety in unbearable to them and is a source of violence!  There I figured out the cause of the end of Prohibition!!!  The forced sobriety is unbearable to the beast and a cause of violence!  Never heard that before have you!  That is why you will always have the right to keep and BEAR arms in the United States per our Constitution!  And any President that betrays that is committing a CUT AND DRIED IMPEACHABLE OFFENSE!  And it is the duty of Congress to remove him or her from office!  And what happens when they fail to be responsible for their Congressional duties?  The implication is that the people are responsible in every way to remove those who violate our Constitution from Public Office!  Now that is what it means no matter who wrote it!  Do you get it?  There is no pointing the finger in false blame as in childhood!

And I would argue that any male of a adult age who knows what another man is going to wear on a certain day is not a man at all but rather has a defective woman's equivalent mind!  And there are a lot of them, they bear a great personal shame and don't want to admit it!

Forced sobriety incites violence in the beast, let it be against himself!  But his momma don't like that one and that is why we have gun laws of which every single one of them is Unconstitutional! We have Unconstitutional gun laws because we have Unconstitutional Citizens that do not have their own human reason nor human conscience!  And all of this written by a man that hears voices in his head who....lets see, who could they really be from, who might the likely suspects really be???  It isn't a guess!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Copyright 2014 Thomas Paul Murphy

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