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Friday, March 28, 2014

God versus Demoniac 03 28 2014

1.       We know that during the time of the Bible there was alcohol based wine.  It is mentioned prevalently in the Bible.
2.       We know that alcohol causes fetal alcohol syndrome (spectrum disorders) and is the leading cause of mental retardation in the western hemisphere.  (One fetal alcohol spectrum disorder is dyslexia?)
3.       So if it causes mental retardation in human beings today then it also did 2000 years ago.  Evidence shows that physically we are about the same and also there is literature dating back then that proves some were mentally the same, so we can use that to validate the comparative conclusion.

4.       So what would they have called the mentally retarded 2000 years ago?   They wouldn’t have called them mentally retarded or fetal alcohol syndrome; those are terms that came through scientific based understanding and are not pejorative.  Did they have a pejorative term for them?  We do not know of a scientific term that they used; so they had to have given them a pejorative term?  And a pejorative term means that they were a bother to those that used the term to describe them?  They would have had to have used some term for them because it wouldn’t go unnoticed or would it?  How would one notice and discern it?  What demographic would have suffered from it in comparison to another demographic?   It would be the wealthy who could more likely afford wine?  What term would they have used for them?....Could that term have been Satan?
5.       Satan is said to not have had a human soul.  Could they have indeed been making a comparison to a mentally retarded person from fetal alcohol syndrome not being able to learn?  There are definitely those who cannot learn how to read but still know how to talk.  How could you tell if someone that talks doesn’t know how to read?  They might not know the depth of meaning to words?  Because they could not look up the definition of them and read them?  Hence it might be rather frustrating for people to get along with them?  Now Jesus Christ had a very strong intellect.  Can it be said that there might have been those that he was frustrated to get along with?   Yes the Bible tells us that he ran into the temple and threw over what would be like kiosks today!
6.       And to those who were mentally retarded someone like the Jewish man Jesus Christ with his strong intellect would be considered a God?
7.       And what else?  Jesus was said to have been tempted by demons?  He was also said to be afflicted with demons that he could not exorcise!  Can that indeed be the conclusion as to why it is said that he went willingly to his death?
8.       And who thinks that those demons that manifested themselves in Jesus Christ were also likely one in the same those fetal alcohol syndrome children, mental retards or if you agree to the terminology Satanic?
9.       Who also believes that those of us who hear voices in our heads might have them come from such people as the satanic.
10.   And we know that the fetal alcohol syndrome children do not quite look like us!  They have facial abnormalities!  Is that indeed why they say that man was created in Gods image?  Because those that did not look like man were not?  And hence we get the resentment statement, “Are you the son of man?” asked to Jesus Christ?
11.   Son of man implies that there is also a son of woman?  So who would that woman have been?  Could it have indeed been the archetype of Jezebel if not her her very self?  She seems to have changed the belief system of the Jews to worship Bal?  And that is an Egyptian God?  But what of a son of a woman?  A son of a woman would not have his mind imprinted by a father would he?
12.   And what do we know of Israel versus Judah?  They were separate countries.  But from a quote in the Bible we also know that wine presses were brought from Judah to Israel.
13.   When it states that the Israelites went running and screaming from their homes were they indeed attacked by those who had the facial features of fetal alcohol syndrome people?  That would be a great scare wouldn’t it?
14.   Now from the account of John the Baptist baptizing Jesus Christ we know it didn’t go so well for Jesus Christ!  We also know that King Herod had planned to kill the last remaining heir to the Israelite Hasmonean dynasty?  So can we say that was Jesus Christ?
15.   We know that Paul who was Saul from the orient killed the remaining followers of Jesus Christ. And that the other factions of Jews were the Sadducee s and the Pharisees.
16.   There is also a quote that Israel and Egypt were one.
17.   So were the Pharisees Jews really of the Pharaoh?  The Phar prefix seems like too much of a coincidence to me.  So I indeed tried to trace it and I came up with Pamako.  It was what the Bible called sins of the flesh or translated into pharmacy.  And Pamako means Pam (ALL) Ako (like elder brother).  The point being what do you do when you have a lot of children born mentally retarded?  You try and make them all like one person?  And is that indeed the origin of monotheism?
18.   We know that Egypt had a long history dating back 30,ooo years?  We know from hieroglyphics that they circumcised and had scribes!  We also know that the Pharisees had scribes and also as Jews circumcised.  Could those Pharisees really have been an invasion force from Egypt?
19.   And a Demoniac is also mentioned in the Bible.  Would that indeed be the equivalent of satan, the mentally retarded or fetal alcohol syndrome.
20.   And when the Puritans that founded the United States say they believed in Demonic possession it really implies possession by a demoniac doesn’t it!  So how would a demoniac possess you?  First it would have to figure out a way to drown out your own thoughts so that it could superimpose its own?  And that person would indeed hear voices wouldn’t they!  The voices would indeed be vile jealous that it was not their own thinking?  And indeed they would have been imprinted to all be like the older brother in either one of two forms of imprinting; one that has not been studied.  But in imprinting a son and his father’s brain waves become one as a father teaches his son.  But what if your father was mentally retarded?  You couldn’t imprint from him!  Hence you would have to imprint in order to compete?  And to do so instead of out of love you would do so through dramatization, sacrifice, demonization, you would indeed have to get a man angry at you so that he hated you and that is how you would desire to have your brain imprinted!  Because you remember how angry he became with you?  And if you were imprinted in this way you would indeed hate all forms of love and imprinting through love wouldn’t you?  Nothing would make you more angry than that because it would be something you never experienced and couldn’t comprehend.  It would bother you because love imprinting was the exact opposite of your very being!  Anyone know anyone like that?  Ever met anyone like that?  Ever known any insufferable people like that?  And anything that ran counter to how you were raised would indeed be something you would seek to defeat!  One of them would have been Prohibition?
21.   A person like that would live every day of their life by making people angry and then seeking the very cause of their own mental retardation as relief because it reminded them of their own creation- alcohol!  Alcohol takes them back to their birth like salmon swimming upstream or birds migrating south for the winter?  It really reinforces their own sense of self esteem at having a mental defect?  It is like convincing yourself you are right because people try and prove you wrong?  Now can I prove that alcohol causes violence?  We know it increases testosterone and we also know it deprives the brain of oxygen.  A scientist would claim that isn’t a valid means to draw a conclusion?  But the pinnacle of analysis called synthesis doesn’t need to think about it any more than that!  And synthesis is indeed dependent on a non defective hippo campus.  And a defective hippo campus from oxygen deprivation by alcohol cannot learn or integrate their memories into analysis and then synthesis!  And synthesis isn’t jumping to conclusions!  It is already knowing that one premise leads to another without having to step on a single stone?  One can look and see the stones are solid.  Two one will be running very fast when they step on them too.  And hence one has performed synthesis to know that they can cross the creek?  The scientist would say, you can’t prove the stones aren’t hollow- or something to that effect.  And perhaps the term, and those who were left behind were weeping and gritting their teeth comes into play.  So where did the Israelite's really go to as they left the mentally retarded behind?  From my experience you don’t have to go too far before they are weeping and gritting their teeth in anger!  And that gritting their teeth in anger that is a sign of someone that has mental frustration isn’t it?  Now what would be the cause of that?  The person or persons you are demonically possessing are leaving so that you can no longer demonically posses them!  You can no longer make a connection to their minds from them being angry at you!  They are absolutely disgusted with you!  And you know very well that they were the closest thing to a father figure you ever had as a demoniac but you will never admit that!  Instead you will open a bottle of wine and celebrate being a demoniac with fellow demoniacs; as you do everything in your power to keep that person captive and under control?  And hence we get into the Dead Sea Scrolls and the exiled priest juxtaposed against an evil master who was in control of the children.  And those 10 or 12 priests were going out searching for something weren’t they?  They were searching for a man to bring back and put in a cage as an exiled priest weren’t they!  And if that exiled priest said something they would have another opportunity to punish him wouldn’t they!  And in anger their minds would be imprinted! And they can think of many ways to make a human being angry can’t they!  And when they do so they feel as if they have a father!
I want you to rid the earth of alcohol and leave human beings alone; for eternity!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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A conclusion might be that torture is the hatred of fathers and men?  It is those who didn't have a father mocking the concept of fathers and defeating it?  Look he ain't nothing?  I am better because I can harm him?  That man would make a great father lets ruin his life?

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