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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Honey Butter Toast Recipe 03 27 2014

Honey Butter Toast Recipe 03 27 2014

The reason that I eat my toast like this is so that I can type and eat at the same time!  And there is also a reason why that white monkey faced nun in Catholic School who was the Principal and also likely a Lesbian didn't want us to eat and do our homework at the same time!  Because she would be raptured from  our human souls as we did???? And how did she know that I was doing mine that way while I ate lunch at home?  Because she had the mind of Satan!  American life isn't supposed to be about the spoiled S417 alcohol spawned kids being successful at the expense of the rest of the normal children who came from parents that loved them.


Organic Honey from Trader Joes
Butter or (ghee from Trader Joes
A good quality bread like "Earth Friendly" brand Wheat Bread sold at Woodman's Market

Butter the toast.  Pour honey on it and spread it with a knife. Fold over once like a Taco.  Cut into those sized pieces.  Guarantied not to goo your keyboard while you type and eat breakfast!
I could stick out my arm and run down the isles of the local Grocery store and stiff arm all those those hollow loafs of bread off those shelves never to be seen again!  They are the Leaven of the Pharisees!  I knew that when I was just a boy.  I got a very bad headache from eating that stuff.  Some people are not lucky enough to get the headache first.  They just go right to being a zombie head that preys on other children; without ever knowing they are different or having the introspection to realize how they got that way.  And that puff bread had to have arisen after WWII?  The Communist Eugenics Idealism spawned from the Brewery town of Alma Wisconsin and transformed to mean just the opposite of what it did in FDR"s Eugenics program inspired by the University of Wisconsin President Charles Van Hise, "One must surrender their individuality for the sake of industry.  Nothing could be more antihuman and pro business as a human being than feeding someone a bread that got all of its entire VOLUME from the LEAVEN OF THE PHARISEES!  FDR also re legalized alcohol because he found a Nazi way to educate the beast victims of fetal alcohol syndrome; and that was indeed Vondoon Psychiatry!  They can't live on your soul that they are dependent minded to if you are still using it to think for yourself!

While I am loosely on school lunches I will also say that Pizza is the Tea Parties mainstay food for creating constipation and congestive heart failure.  If you do eat it put a half can of pineapple on top!  I can already see it was created by some miserable fat ankled Italian woman in order to make her low life husband who would be the first one off the ship as captain, sick!

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