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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

International Business Machines 03 04 2014

International Business Machines 03 04 2014

Did their goal at some point become to make a business machine out of a human being that other people could profit from?  And I am not talking about normal human beings but rather world Satanic that want to keep money in their inbred families and defeat freedom and democracy.

I realize this as I did a quick read on Jimmy Kimmel to see that his father worked for IBM.  Something about Jimmy's face led me to this.  I get a gestalt of pointed ears and pug nose like in his family history they might have lived in a Castle where there were bats or a Romanian Cave?  And hence that is where some get that DNA strain that looks like an inbred?  When Socrates spoke of men who sat and stared at Cave walls he was talking about Troglodytes!  Jimmy's grandparents came from Germany.

Two men that I worked with at First Analysis had backgrounds from IBM, per my memory, Brian Hand and Paul Kleinitis.  One of them was God awful and needed a dis-temperament shot!

Another one I met was through the Urban Ecology Center, Tom Vargo.  I believe he is from Austria, where Hitler was from.

And then as I was graduating from College I met a few that went to work at IBM developing business infrastructures!

Many of the great business start-ups today where from stolen intellectual property.

This is one of the devices they use to torture human beings with and create the medical fraud of Schizophrenia!  Now I had posted a photograph of this painting on my art sight but unbenounced to me it was taken down!  So I am definitely on to something here.

Tim Broerhman who worked for Wells Fargo fortified the rafters in his Garage because the peak was sagging from too much weight.  After him attorney Steven James Weber moved in and that is when I saw the device in the rafters.  I only saw it once and then they drywalled all the walls and the loft of the garage so that one could not see what was up there anymore!

I believe this intellectual theft is channeled by a woman whose father was an attorney.  She is part of the Steam Punk group and I met her once.  She told me that she deals with the staff from 26 different corporations.  What also leads me to suspect her being involved is that she lives very near to wear Steven James Weber moved on Park Street and Newberry in Milwaukee.

And a few summers ago I watched as the ground was dug up to this house on Fairmont Street and a separate series of wires was laid in.  I believe that they are connected in some way to the Computer lab at Whitefish Bay High School.  And the young man that I went to High School with Jeffery Feldmen was the software Engineer for Rockwell Automation who was found with having 16 hard drives full of child porn. So this would all be separate from a common phone or cable network system!

Also AT&T comes into play here.  I never had more trouble with my computer than when I had AT&T Internet service.  In fact I had a nearly impossible wireless password to my computer cracked, it was 250 characters long!  The only way that happens is if there is big computing power behind it!  But again when I worked for First Analysis in Chicago they were given a, per my memory, $250,000,000.oo million dollar grant from AT&T to invest for them!  All they really had to do was put it in risk free money and they didn't have to worry about employment.  And that is when I started to get sick.  There was a telephone switching device made by Southwestern Bell not 5 feet off of my left shoulder.  It put out a humm and electromagnetic field whereby I could not concentrate!  I complained and they ignored my complaints.  The human brain works because electrical synapses pass from one brain neuron to the next.  Attenuate the right electromagnetic field and it becomes disrupted.  Colonel John Alexander of the United States Military once told how the Army had developed Synthetic telepathy!  That is the ability to use technology to make a person hear voices in their heads.  And hence it is the ability to create mental illness.  The costs from them creating this fraudulent mental illness likely represent more than $5 trillion dollars of our $17 trillion in debt!

What this means is not only massive wealth redistribution is needed but also massive imprisonment of the Satanic!  The Satanic Network is Corporate America.  Corporate,- corp means body!  That is all you can really be when you don't have your own human soul, human reason or human conscience.

You can't get much sicker than making a business out of a human being.  I actually believe that if people conspired to profit from creating mental illness that they should get the gas chamber!

And I forget to tell you I believe they used that Cornucopia to kill my father with!  Electromagnetic fields can dry out human cells.  My father had a dry colon either from the medicine he took or that device.  He had congestive heart failure and every time he was hospitalized for it after he had a bowel movement he became better.  One time what was in the toilet was the size of a baseball and hard as rock!  You can't get much sicker than a person who would do that to someone!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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