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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Missing In Action Vietnam 03 29 2014

Missing In Action Vietnam 03 29 2014

I have written about this before.  But what were their skills?  Did they have engineering capability?  Most Americans worked on their own cars back then and did.

Were they tortured for their skills?  Tortured to develop industry for Vietnam and China?

I believe that if we swept through that country we would find that out!

Hong Kong was the base of England.  And at that same time we had both the British Music invasion and also a drug invasion.  And also as I was thinking about it a chemical contamination invasion!  Who was at the helm?  About 10 for 10 of the last U.S. Presidents have been from the south.

So after slavery ended in the United States was there an effort to create the same sort of economic machine?  The Corporate business was indeed really a concept of a slave master not being liable for their actions!!!!!  And it was an English concept.  It was also used to drain this country of its wealth in 1929 because the NYSE was also a corporate of dutch means German charter.  So the Germans didn't like freedom either did they!

Can you imagine being an American POW having your mind raped and hearing voices that jar your knowledge and soul from you?  That is what I believe happened to those POW's.  And indeed they would not even have to have had great skills to have it done to them!  All they really needed was to be human beings that were born and raised in the land of the free; why because we were better and smarter because of that!

Do you think I am smoking some kind of pipe?  George Bush admitted that knowledge was obtained from torture!

I actually believe that in our modern world you should have to need a license to be an adult.  People born with birth defects will never be granted that license!  People who reach the age of 18 and seek to get drunk and fight should not get one either, nor should those that don't have to get drunk to be of that same bad attitude.  Also maybe there should be an intelligence test to become a licensed adult.  And how about the ability to read and write English.  And also do algebra!  And do you know what all this does?  It bars the defective minded for taking control of our world and initiating actions that we can't stop!  And there are quite a few of those today!

And as I recall what Jesus said, "You will beat your swords into plowshares."  He meant you won't be able to grow anything.  With atrazine in the water and mercury too.  I have to look at all those specialty chemicals created and just wonder!!!  Who would do something like that?  In is unconscionable to me.  But I already know what those people are like because I met and worked with them!  For example creosote pylons driven into the water?  When I came down the Milwaukee River in my kayak and also boat there was a lot of that copper based creosote poison smell.  It actually made me wonder if it wasn't being dumped directly into the rivers.  Copper is a reddish metal.  There are three rivers.  And that is the exact Gestalt I get of that steel I Beam sculpture at the east end of Wisconsin avenue.  And it also has a British gestalt to it.  And I know it sounds kooko, but I have to wonder if it wasn't a scorched earth policy towards America, by those that hated freedom?  Perch are nonexistent from Lake Michigan.  And also now I am told by some young men that they haven't caught anything in Oak Creek for years!  The same exact thing happened to me with regard to Lake Michigan, back in 1980 we could catch trout and salmon from casting from the shore.  But not too much later than that it all ended and has NEVER returned.

And one more point with regard to WWII.  Do we really have an accurate picture of what happened during prohibition?  Was there genocide of the alcohol birth defective going on?  They were putting gas chambers in the south.  So indeed for the US was WWII really a way to channel those who recognized that the mentally defective were created from alcohol- channeling them to fight in a war and likely die there?  And before Prohibition everyone in the U.S. had had well enough of something didn't they!  But we don't here stories about that!  It wasn't done by a bunch of prudes!  It had a lot of support!  What does alcohol do? It causes and increase in testosterone and also oxygen deprivation to the brain.  I have to wonder if that wasn't a source of conflict during Prohibition that WWII was meant to address?  And there was indeed heavy drinking back then so where there also a great many fetal alcohol syndrome children and adults?  And they too might be dependent on that very drug because it was a co-factor to their creation?  And you can't take it away from them because that is when they get violent as history has proven!  So it really means that their natural state is one of violence!

And I see that a lot of middle aged white men look like they have arthritis, are skinny from drinking and also have what I would call a hard alcohol temperament.

Now we can't rely on another country to change the United States for us because it would be the end of world freedom!  Snake eyes over there in Russia would decimate us and create communism here?  And for all we know that is what Barrack is about too!

Now lets just think this way.  We know that alcohol causes mental retardation and that it is the leading cause of mental retardation in the western hemisphere; does it also cause a person to develop to be Gay?  Has there ever been a study that tries to correlate the two?  Alcohol kills the hippo campus and the hippo campus is responsible for learning and memory and that is what gives you a personal identity!  So you can't argue against me!  I already know that is the synthesis answer!

Okay back to alcohol and drugs.  I read in the paper that the autistics are being born at a rate of 1 per 68 people today.  By this time in our history we should be a lot smarter than that!  In fact that rate should be about ZERO!  And indeed everyone should be able to read!  But we are going in the exact opposite direction than that!

We need zero emissions and completely healthy food. And after that we need to filter every body of water on earth.  That would be the end of it if we don't.

"It is those who were cast off that have a mission that they cannot cast off?  And if you "cast off?"

And I know what a lot of defective minded people think.  So what!  So what about algebra and reading.  We want a simpler life!  Well all well and good but who will teach your children how to read after you have expensed the mind of every non defective human being in order to create profit?  And if you can't read how are you going to teach your children anything important?  How many generations of that before it becomes a savage world of cannibalism everywhere?  And indeed we have environmental poisons that would serve as a land mind field to wandering people who wanted the simple life; very quickly they will become poisoned from them or violent?  And that is what happens to them when they drink alcohol anyway.

To take away their bottle causes great violence!  And if you have a kid you can't teach what do you think is going to happen to them?  Do you expect them to become a prince or a queen?  Sometime in the future after you have ridden the world of all human beings then they will emerge from the darkness and become princes and queens?

Like it or not someone has to put you in your place!  And don't put that burden on one person!  It needs to be a world rational minded effort that is properly articulated and explained. "Listen, you can't do that anymore!"  "You are done with that behavior as of today!"  For some reason no one ever learned that message did they?  And that is evidence of the mentally defective in power!  So after WWII they emerged from the room with the door nailed shut out of shame and safety to become Politicians and corporate CEO's didn't they! And all that time they have been fed from the profits created by victimized and tortured prisoners of war of the communist mindset!

Just as I hear voices that taunt and disrupt me from achieving success so too did those POW's! You better believe it!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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