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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

On the Monotheistic Brain Defect 03 26 2014

On the Monotheistic Brain Defect 03 26 2014

The monotheistic do not want the polytheistic to be free thinkers.  Why?  Because their minds are connected to theirs and it makes them go into a violent fugue much like the eye's on a rabid dog start spinning before it attacks!  That free thinking confuses and aggravates the dependent minded because they do not have a great ability to separate your imagination from your thoughts of reality.  And your thoughts of reality were formed by you using your imagination to think.  Imagination is the work horse of the Comparative process of learning.  Those with a defective hippo campus from alcohol can neither learn nor remember very well because the hippo campus is the working center of the human brain!

The monotheistic do not like it when you dream of a good future for yourself either!  Instead they would seek to give you a nightmare of a life?  That being the other end of the spectrum extreme.

And perhaps JF Kennedy stated it best when he said, something to the effect of , when the rights of one man are compromised the entire future of humanity is compromised.

What monotheism tried to accomplish was for the benefit of the defective minded.  It was a channeling of the belief system to a narrow point of view and beliefs.  And that set the stage for control and migration to a unification of church and state.

We see that control issue come about as countless boys were coerced by monotheistic Catholic Priests and sexually molested by them in those PRIVATE SCHOOLS!

The channeled belief system thwarts free thinking and imagination and hence makes it more easy for the monotheistic to follow your thoughts and think along with you.  It also makes it very easy for them to "ambush" your entire life!  Like a child it believes it owns you after awhile.

Reposted from a Facebook repost.  Don't know who wrote it. But it is good and relevant!

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