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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

On Torture 03 25 2014

On Torture 03 25 2014

Someone who would be that mean to men and the sons of men would have to be either a homosexual, a lesbian or an animal.
The psychology of a biped that would torture a human being would be one of extreme jealousy and envy of human beings!
And they might even have odd rationales in their mind to support them.  Such as it was your fault that someone else in their family who tortured human beings was executed!  It really doesn’t take much for them to justify hurting someone.  And the reason they do it is because they like to see others experience pain?
Is it really a sick cry for help?  One would come to a conclusion that person who tortures should never have been born and their family should not exist.
I just find it very hard to conceptualize such an evil person.  It has to commit such great acts of horror so that it can feel like it is equivalent to the rest of us?

It empowers itself to hurt other people because it does not have the human mind that is required as the basis of a means to support itself and its family?  So it granted itself that right?
Pardon me if I tell you I believe such people should kill themselves in the United States?
That sounds like I am being a very bad person, doesn’t it?
The rest of the world doesn’t see it that way.  Torture is a crime against humanity punishable by execution virtually anywhere else in the world.  So if we can’t punish you and remove you from our society we pray that you kill yourselves before you can harm another version of human beings like ourselves?  And we even have a whole system of therapy in the United States that professes forgive and forget.  Well all well and good but that doesn’t keep the animal from harming us the next time!  We remember pain because it is how we learn to be safe.  The person that would torture another person therefore is incapable of learning anything in their life!  And perhaps that is the logic proof that they are not human!  All they really know and enjoy is causing pain in humans.  It is what motivates every moment of their lives?
Maybe their thought process is one of complete frustration in the presence of a human being whereby the only things that come to their mind are harming that human being.  Like an animal wearing a suit and suddenly we see a face of extreme frustration form on its face before it attacks us?  And I believe that is what many victims of violence and abuse would say is exactly what they saw before it happened?
And maybe they equate torturing someone with empowerment in life because they were harmed and justice was not brought to those that harmed them.  So the role model for them was to become the abuser, the sicko the animal.
And that is why it is so very important that all forms and causes of mental defects whereby one person is that jealous of another human being are eliminated from our society.
And I do believe that there are those among us who…the only thinking that they will ever be capable of comes from intruding into the mind of a human being and violating their thinking by making them hear voices.  Now isn’t that really the ultimate form of self empowerment!  To grant yourself the ability to drown out the thoughts of a human being!  To create the conditions whereby they cannot think out of noise and distraction.  Do you know what the beast would say in response to this or in defense of itself, “I can’t think when you are thinking!”  There needs to be a special place for people like that!  People that did not have loving parents to imprint their minds with.  People who would shanghi a human being in order to experience humanity through by torturing their soul.  They should never consider themselves the equivalent of a human being.
And maybe they develop to be that way from rampant drug use!  So what does that prove?  That they were that way since childhood!  They needed that escapism of drug use going back to their childhood.  We have the guarantied right of Liberty to be free from you in the United States!
The Bible would refer to you as, “The miserable ones that are still with us.”  It implies that they should not be!
And it doesn’t really matter that you convinced the world that your victims are really criminals.  What matters is that every day of your life you know you are not one of us!  You can never shed that skin!  And hence no matter what you do you will always be miserable.    And you would like humanity and humans to believe there is a purpose for you abusing them.  Which brings up another interesting point.  None of what I write, these concepts, have worked their way into treatment and reform programs.  The reason being is because it is so painful for the abuser to change; it is so very painful for them to try to be human, it is so very painful for them to behave as humans do!  So they would want human beings to deny that they are indeed human beings and surrender their individuality for the sake of them.  The torturing person must therefore take victims in order feel like it is human!  And there is a great difference between that and a human being.  A human being would just kill such people in justification whereas that which would torture would seek the cruelest and unusual punishments it could think of.  Why because it likes causing pain in human beings and is therefore not human itself.  That is not human nature to cause pain in human beings!  It is the exact opposite of it!  The human race did not evolve to form civilization by causing pain in each other; we evolved by executing those who would actually commit those acts!  Big difference between imagination and action, and the animal doesn’t understand that.  It never made it that far in life!  A human being imagines what would happen if it came into danger.  And an animal might ask how can I harm other people and get away with it all my life?  The animal doesn’t imagine what could happen to keep him and his family safe, he imagines what pain he can cause in human beings and how he can deny it and still experience the pleasure he attained from causing pain in human beings!  Again that is not human nature!  And I missed some of the finer points in this but that doesn’t mean they are not valid and real.  It just means that the voice who would distract me from thinking could not bear the pain that I am more intelligent that it can ever be!
And what is that look of abject frustration at being a human being; just before it harms one?  It is really something that was just acting as if it was one of us this whole time!  And what happens is it has had enough of acting like a human being and wants to revert to being the animal that has always been its core nature!!!  It does not want to kill it wants to mame and harm so that it can experience the pleasure of the pain it caused.  Am I drawing a good comparison here between man and beast? 
And I don’t really sit and plan to write these things.  The voice distracts me while I am doing laundry or cleaning my workshop and I relay the gestalt behind that voice to you!  The beast didn’t write any of this or think of it!  It is indeed my reaction to the beast.  The beast seeks to be of one mind with a human being and I explain why it can never be.  For we are not meant to be of one mind we are meant to be free and of our own minds; that is the nature of human responsibility!
And none of this would seem to sink into the beast among us.  But that doesn’t really matter because I know what a human being would think of such people as described.  But the beast for some reason doesn’t ever believe that is a valid opinion of them that will be believed.  Why?  It is confident it can always torture those who contradict it!  That really means bad leadership among us doesn’t it!
You know you can distract my thinking with all the idiot voices in my head that you want but I will still love myself.  And that is not narcism!  It might partly be favorable comparison or it might be said to be that I am very happy with all the decision and thinking in my life?  I accept myself for who I am and do not seek to be the opposite as described above?  I could not be a beast of a person and be happy.  So in effect I might very well turn out to be the biggest loser on the planet earth in terms of the opinion of a beast of a person.  But maybe my definition of success cannot include those activities!  It would be unconscionable to me!  I could never reason doing things like that to harm others!  And hence you have just learned why human beings are defined as having their OWN human reason and human conscience.  There is no substitute for that!  A substitute for that would indeed lead to brain death (Alzheimers). Why because there is a disconnect in ones brain of such people.  To be a human being one’s hippo campus must be introspective.  Rather than a person painting pictures in their mind from what they see and the harm they cause in human beings as the basis for their life’s memories.  And that is indeed how an English Druid “thinks.”  But it isn’t really thinking it is reactive behavior to human beings!  The human brain only works in one way and it is does not work satanically.  Let me try and explain it again.  A persons mind fails when indeed their thoughts are not based on introspection because the human brain doesn’t work that way.  It would be like trying to disconnect the gasoline engine in a car from the transmission because you believed that you were the power source to the car?  You get nowhere fast unless you start on a hill.  And perhaps that hill is inheritance and wealth or a father who had high standing.  The engine is the hippo campus, therefore the learning and memory must be your own and not reactive like the troglodytes Socrates described who sat and watched cave walls as if they were seeing moving pictures?  The implication is that for some reason the troglodyte always believed it was someone else?  And that is a cause for a human being to fear!  Let me ask you this, would you want to go into a cave full of beings like that?  They would find you so novel that they would not let you leave?  They would even try to become physically one with you?  They wouldn’t mean you any harm by torturing you to better understand you?  How you cannot be one that sits in the cave and experiences a life of voyeurism?  There must be something wrong with you that they would have to break you in order to figure it out?

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Copyright 2014 Thomas Paul Murphy

The way to not be a victim of other peoples abuse to you is to realize that you were overpowered and outnumbered at a young age and there was absolutely nothing you could do about it!  Now that works by completely eliminating references to the beast in your mind and think of things using your own mind and memories!  Now that process however cannot be used to reform a mentally defective person!  Why not?  It does them or the rest of us no good to try and pretend that they and their actions have been normal their whole life!  The more they try and hold onto to their power constructs of abusing the souls of human beings the sicker and sicker they get as they sink!  What is likely a cause is either a block in their minds or a complete brain region defect.  How much alcohol does it take to ruin a babies brain?  Some would say even one drop can do it!  It does no good to allow the beast that harms other people all throughout its life in order to form its thought structure to believe that it is the unification of church and state!

And the Bible does indeed allude to the unified stolen mind of the beast being broken and raptured from it once and for all at the same time!  It might very well happen in a cascade chain reaction type of effect.

With regard to actors I once heard it said that they believe how gifted their children are when those children can readily assume the personalities of other people.  What would be wrong with the child trying to develop its own independent personality?


The beast would always desire that you reinterpret your perception of events and life history rather than it reinterpret it.  Hence the beast would abuse and beat you for not reinterpreting your personal history to its liking! And that is what always makes it the beast!

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