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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Pork Egg Rolls Recipe 03 05 2014

Pork Egg Rolls Recipe 03 05 2014


Main Ingredients:
Pork Sirloin .93 pounds, 2 fillets cost $3.99 (cut as small as possible. Mine ended up 3/8” cubed)
Green cabbage head (4 leafs, throw out first two leafs and fold the four you take off and dice) cost of
      whole cabbage was 96 cents.
Large White Onion (1/2 of it diced)
5 square Egg Roll Wrappers.  (there are about 16 in a pack and pack cost $2.99)

Spices and other ingredients:
Meat Marinade ingredients:
½ teaspoon of Kosher Sea Salt
2 teaspoon Soy Sauce
2 t Olive Oil
Ginger Powder (Large pinch of)
Oriental Mustard Powder (Small pinch of)
Wasabi Powder (Small pinch of)
Star Anise Powder (Sprinkle of)

Vegetable (Marinade) Ingredients:

3 T of White Vinegar
½ t of Sea Salt
Bowl of piping hot tap water.
Butter softened ( 1 to 2 T)


Fill a mixing bowl in your sink with piping hot water, 3 T of White Vinegar and ½ t of Kosher Salt.  And your cabbage and onions from above.  Then cut the pork and place it in the marinade, mix it around with fingers to evenly disperse spices

Get a large frying pan with a metal handle (all metal) place on stovetop, place olive oil in pan, about 2 T, and strain the onions and cabbage into the pan.  Save the water.   If you go to a Chinese restaurant you will see that they have a water tap right above the wok!  So that they can run water into the wok to prevent the food from burning.  Cook the vegetables on the stove.  Add the vinegar water as needed to keep it from burning.  Stir with a spatula.  After it has cooked for some time turn the burner up to evaporate the water and slightly brown the vegetables.  Then place in a bowl to the side of the stove and put lid on.

Place 1 T of olive oil in pan and stir fry the meat!  Cook the pork until the pink is gone from all pieces.  If you accidently start to eat some out of temptation spit it out and pour some vinegar into the cup of your hand and rinse your mouth out over the sink.
Continue cooking meat until done. You just have to know this, it isn’t done until it is done. Didn’t time it!
Add the pork to the bowl of vegetables and scrape the frying pan clean with the spatula.  Then add the pork and vegetables back to the pan and mix on low med heat.  Then place all that in the bowl to the side of the stove again.  Then on a clean plate place the first of the FIVE Egg Roll wrappers.  Place some of the cooked filling (pork/veggy) from bowl in on top of the Egg Roll Wrapper and as adroitly as you can try and wrap it round.  You won’t be able to because you have too much mix.  But that is a matter of aesthetics.  (I have found when you spend too much time with the meat going here to there in small pieces that it can go bad fast.  These Egg Rolls ended up tasting much healthier than the ones at the Oriental restaurant.  Probably because they lacked that saturated frying factor and any added MSG.  They didn’t have that artificial gagging flavor that is present in the Commercial ones.)

Turn on the Oven Broiler and put wrack on top wrack shelf brackets.

One by one place the egg rolls you prepare back into the frying pan.  Put a little butter on top of each. And wipe it around with your fingers.  Don’t try to be too neat.  It will saturate as it cooks and the spots you missed don’t matter.

Place frying pan with egg rolls in it on the top broiler rack.  Stay present and immediately check.  You want to brown the tops and not have any blackening to them.  When slightly browned, remove and serve.  We had some Orange Marmalade someone asked to put on theirs.


But as I stated these tasted a lot more healthy and nutritious than what you buy.  Perhaps the cooked cabbage wasn’t meant to be re-cooked or the fried skin meant to be reheated on the commercial ones.

Now I don’t usually go to all this effort.  However I saw those Egg Roll Wrappers on the store shelf above the vegetables, and it would be the first time I tried them!  Had been meaning to try to cook with them for a while but never did.  Originally thought I might make a gravy to them with cornstarch, didn’t and am glad.  Did not get to put the Galangal Powder in them as I usually like to, it was hiding on the shelf. 

Turned out very good!  I ate 3 and 3/4 of them and there were not left overs!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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