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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Racial and Ethnicity (genetic) differences to size and function of Hippo Campus 03 16 2014

Racial and Ethnicity (genetic) differences to size and function of Hippo Campus 03 16 2014

Now that would have been a field of study in Psychology that would have greatly benefited humanity!

It would have also been of great benefit to the treatment and diagnosis of disease.  But it wasn't done because they were too busy keeping related research a hidden secret!

The poetic justice in a matter like this is that those who sought to hide the information that could have saved other human beings end up succumbing to the deadly fate themselves that they could have prevented but didn't want to!

The orientals (Chinese/Japanese/Malaysians/) understand this principle very well with the yin/yang graphic.  However have they too been reticent to apply it?

And one more point.  That plane that was missing and likely hijacked, landed and fitted with a nuclear bomb did so right in the heart of the world that had a history of Cannibalism!  Do you think Cannibals like any remnant of Polytheistic responsible minded human beings there are left!  No they loathe us just as the Devil Loathed Jesus Christ!  A mental defect caused by Cannibalism whereby the afflicted cannot form their own human soul; meaning human reason and human conscience!  That is a great threat to both the United States AND all of humanity!  And here is a clue!  Humans are POLYTHEISTIC!  And Monotheistic are not human!  Some people don't really believe in what they say they do.  You could ask them a few questions to readily prove it!

Nor have we ever created a field of research called the Psychology of the mentally defective.  Abnormal Psychology came close but was steered off course just like that Malaysian plane!

For example when is Abnormal Psychology really the equivalent of Primate Psychology?  Can it even be stated that psychiatry is practiced by Primates on human beings?

Thomas Paul Murphy
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