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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Serendipitous Crepes Suzette Recipe 03 25 2014

Serendipitous Crepes Suzette Recipe 03 25 2014

So the other day while I was at Woodman’s Market
I purchased a can of Lucky Leaf Chocolate crème pie filling 21 oz can.  I set out to make Kolaches with it the same way I do other toppings.  You know the drill, you butter a double walled cookie sheet place 18 Frozen Rhodes Dinner Rolls on it, baste them with melted butter and let them rise in a warm oven turned on and off after 2 minutes while I was cleaning the shop and dust collector bags in my workshop.
So to make the Kolaches I came up out of the basement and pressed four finger spots down in the center of the raised rolls to make a reservoir for the Chocolate filling.  But before I spooned the Chocolate filling into that reservoir I add a pinch of cinnamon and a pinch of Penzies cake spice to that can and stirred it deep in with the Tablespoon I then used to spoon it in the center of the dough.
And that is when I remembered that I still had those egg roll wrappers from that visit to the Pick and Save on the South Side that day I went to Harbor Freight tools.  So I took two of those egg roll wrappers out and ever so slightly basted them with melted butter and placed the remainder of the can of chocolate sauce in the center and sealed the edge of it with finger pressure.
Low and behold when it was time to take everything out of the oven I saw that those egg roll wrappers had browned on the corners.  So cheating the potential between them and the deep filled kolaches for a burnt tongue I cut off three of those corners with the kitchen scissors, pressed out the filling and … soon as I tasted it I realized that I had made Crepes Suzette!  I had not have them since I was a boy and we went to St. Johns Sunday mass in Downtown Milwaukee and then to the French Restaurant that was there at the time The Magic Pan!
This chocolate sauce was mild.  For the recipe I also placed on chocolate chip of the Guittard Milk Chocolate brand variety in the center of each Kolache and on the egg wrapper concoction.
The Kolaches themselves can only be described as remarkably good.  And the Crepes Suzette were very very good! In fact they were delicious! In fact I would attempt to make a whole batch of them just using that same process!
And I wasn’t ever supposed to buy that can of Lucky Leaf Chocolate Crème pie filling!  I am not allowed to bring home jars from the grocery store.
But here is the uniform response of my Kolaches in my home, “I think they are very good!” “They are like an Éclair.
Now I had intended on spraying them with some of  that whip crème I had in the fridge but I never got to that before I had eaten four Kolaches and wrote this.

And indeed I am 1/2 Bohemian on my mothers side.  I also held that side of my nationality in high regard because it is the calm, cool and collective side!  My Uncle Larry on my dads side always told me that the German Temper is the worst.  That would be my Roth side, but my Grandmother didn't have that temper on the Roth side!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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