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Monday, March 17, 2014

St. Patrick is said that he committed a fault! 03 17 2014 updated

St. Patrick is said that he committed a fault!  03 17 2014

And that this happened right before he was enslaved.  What was his fault?  And what were the circumstances?  This looks like the facts line up that he did work duty for a crime committed in England in Ireland?  What did he do?  And then after he preached that belief in Jesus had absolved one of guilt for their sins to the people of Ireland?  AKA Catholicism?

St. Patrick wasn't even Irish!  He was English!  Which means he resided on the Druid monkey worshiping Island of England!

Because he felt remorseful for the fault that he committed it meant it was something bad!  Something Druid like!  What was it?

Now if the Irish were as bad as he claimed they would have killed him instead of put him to work?

And is that such a bad thing to do?  A person commits a crime against you and you teach them a trade so that it keeps them out of trouble for the rest of their life?

But instead Patrick came back to preach Catholicism to Ireland meaning that human beings are absolved for their crimes because Jesus died for all their sins?  Now he might not have preached it in those terms but that is indeed what we have been found to be behind the facade of the religion!  The people gather on Sunday while the Catholic priest preaches that you should forgive those that committed crimes during the week!  That sounds like an invasion concept!  And England was founded by Rome.  So if a Roman army wanted to invade a country and establish that monotheism that is how they would accomplish it!  With all that Sunday mass double talk!  So he came from England.  The English then gained a foothold and did terrible things to the Irish throughout history!

And those Arab Royal Families are all educated and English Universities!  Put that together with English/German (means mongrel mixed species) George Bush the oilman and 911 starts to look extremely suspect!

What did St. Patrick do?  Had he not done anything bad he might not have been enslaved.  And we really don't hear if he escaped or was freed after 6 years.  It sounds like history was rewritten.  And we see that same invasion concept today with regard to being allowed to be irresponsible for ones actions in life!
1. Catholicism- Jesus was responsible and always is, and hence your victim is too!
2. Lutheran/Protestant the Kings religion or centrist power as in Monotheism- it doesn't matter what you do in life as long as at the moment of your death you ask to be saved.
3.  And perhaps the worst religion that goes by that same exact concept- Corporate America, management is protected by a fictional legal document and is granted limited liability for their actions and not personally responsible!  Hence Limited liability is a belief system that is consistent with religious doctrine and therefore a violation of the separation of church and state per our Constitution!

These people might need the irresponsible concept because they are genetically inferior in some way?  An inbred disorder to the hippo campus; a mental defect?

But we don't have that today.  They are in and out of prison!  Can it be stated because of St. Patrick who wasn't even Irish?  In and out of Prison, never accountable for their actions, never learn how to be a man and support a family.  Back on Pamako drugs and giving them to the young human being boys they are jealous of.  When they go to prison they are fed and clothed and have a warm place to sleep.  Never really reform in life do they!  In fact when they are in there they scheme!  And here is another concept with regard to number 3. above, They Network!  If those bootleggers had been put to work growing corn to eat would they have caused as much trouble as they were allowed to?  Instead they schemed and absolved themselves of any guilt for anything they did wrong.  All of these concepts are not the concepts of men but rather males that have the minds of women!  And that is a mind that cannot think for itself and needs to live guilt free.  A guilt free life is a person who can't think for themselves!  Right?  Wake up call!  Our Constitution protects from people like you!  And it appears that we have not been able to enforce it because we have created laws that respect religion and therefore are unconstitutional!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Always check back for updates on recent articles.  It is a process of getting it to market before it has been perfected and once it is published the beast that would prevent it, tends to believe the thoughts on it or with regard to it are over and done.  So some more ideas come forth and are added!

Because of the top three numbered principles above we could never have a fair system of justice in the United States whereby prisoners served work terms where they learned something. Why not?  Those 3 beliefs are of irresponsibility hence that means the proponents of them would be subjective and enslave the innocent.  Reason number 2 would be because of the monotheistic belief system that which demonically possesses some human beings to see through their eyes and commit crimes, it means that those who were imprisoned were imprisoned because they had working knowledge and independent minds that could work and the beast was jealous of that ability!  Hence in a system governed by the beast the beast does not want human beings to have their own work skills and the ability to use them!  That is the same reason men are put on psychiatric medicine after they are demonically possessed by that mentally defective beast.  So indeed you can see the areas that are ripe for change!  Do I need to tell what happens to an irresponsible world governed by irresponsible people.

Let me use a story.  You move into Whitefish Bay Wisconsin and they only place you have to discard your garbage is you own small backyard a finite space.  After about 5 years of that you can no longer live in that same place because it is a bio hazard!  The earth is indeed a finite space!  And it has already become a bio-hazard because of those three "amigos" above!  Fish do not have a naturally high level of Mercury in them that makes them unsafe to eat!  It doesn't work that way, that mercury came from the 3 amigos above!  And you can dance around that you work for an environmental Investment firm all you want but the structure of that firm is one of the 3 amigos above with a belief system of the other two!  Sure you make six figures in the banking industry but you did so by creating a bio-hazard out of the earth, racking up $17 trillion in debt for us and through the belief system of the three amigos above that is the equivalent of how a beast among us would think.

Now all this analysis of St. Patricks Day and Paganism has me thinking.  FDR New Deal was based on the principle that one must surrender their individuality for the sake of industry.  That just really means sacrifice.  So indeed the conclusion that we have to come to is that the wrong types of people have been sacrificed for the needs of industry!  Hence rather than abandon that violation of the principle of church and state that is indeed forbidden in our Constitution we should indeed try and worth within the framework of that principle to right the wrong!  For example if a Corporation has committed a wrong that has indeed affected industry as an ongoing concern then maybe that New Deal idealism should apply to him personally?  Of course it is indeed staying in line with the breach of the separation of church and state concept and other Constitutional rights afforded to human beings defined as having human reason and human conscience.  But the Fault might indeed be able to be classified as coming from a person that has a breach with regard to their human reason and human conscience!

This article is getting circulated!  Wondering if you got the goods on me for this one aren't you!

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