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Thursday, March 6, 2014

The United States was founded on Polytheism 03 06 2014

The United States was founded on Polytheism 03 06 2014

The U.S was founded on Polytheism.  The Puritans believed themselves to be godly!  But what does that mean?  That  was Jesus Christ belief too!  And yet the Catholic Church contradicts this and believes in only one God!  The Catholic Church contradicts a direct belief of Jesus Christ; POLYTHEISM!

But what does it mean?  It means that even the lowliest of us have the power to influence others?  And the Puritans also believed that they lowliest of us sought to influence others through demonic possession!  Meaning witchcraft!  Demonic possession meaning becoming possessed by a demon of  person!  Now I was never able to put that together and explain it until I looked up the image search of inbred!  And what did they do in castles in Europe to keep the wealth in the family? Incest and inbreeding!  And what are inbreeds known to be; mentally defective!
The Puritans believed people should only drink in moderation.  What is any drinking to a mentally defective inbred?  It is the equivalent of not drinking in moderation!
So what problems has this caused in the History of the United States?
1.       Conflict with England and the Revolutionary War.
2.       Conflict with the Confederate South and England in the Civil War.  The Puritans did not believe in slavery because they wanted everyone to learn how to read in order to obey laws!  Slavery is known to foster the opposite concept; those in power wanting you to screw up so they can take away your rights!  When Communism took away rights those citizens ended up in slave labor camps!  And that is where the U.S. cheating our Constitution today by using Communist equivalent labor!
3.       WWII was another conflict that was opportunized by the Demoniacs!  Post WWII we saw the Demoniac grant themselves pirates rights of limited liability in Employment by the Corporation legal concept; it is a complete work of legal fiction!  And that is the Tea Party today!  And to take it a step further to H311 world they came up for a medical label for the victims of demonic possession, split (Schizo)-mind(phrenic).  Demonic possession being torture to a non defective human being until their consciousness is displaced and therefore split!  Contrast this to a directly opposite form of Schizophrenia- the mentally defective demoniac parading around with the soul of that whom he/she and a coven split!  The Demoniac wouldn’t attempt to split a defective and therefore demoniac’s soul because it would lead to more demoniacs!  But in effect they cannot develop a demoniac so the demoniac is split and given the TRANSIENT gift of human soul from a human being!  And every time you see a Hollywood movie start become violent it means that they have become psycho-deenergized of that stolen soul.  Perhaps the best example is when the serial killer woman with the surname Basso became de-psycho-energized and reverted to her natural soul of a spoiled little girl and that is what her voice is said to have sounded like at the end of her trial and receiving the death sentence! 
And you are not going to like this but every gay and lesbian is likely psycho-energized with the soul of a non defective human being! So they live and benefit greatly from medical fraud!
One more point on Sex.  The Puritans used a biblical interpretation basically that stated you could do whatever you want with your wife.  And that is probably true as long as it does not compromise either of your health!  The Satanic or Demoniac has a problem with that, because they see through the eyes of those whom they received the psycho-energized soul from that were demonized!  And that leads to the demoniac asserting himself/herself through false righteous assertion and insults!  If you don’t have sex they are deprived of that psycho-energization like grapes of wrath!

And what is a pedophile and why are they such a threat to society?  A pedophile was likely first psycho-energized when a child was sexually molested and they too were a child!  So the pedophile grows up and seeks fulfillment in life by harming children and viewing imagery of children being sexually victimized.  Hence they create a market for children to be harmed and videotaped!
Jesus was telling the people, “Know Yeah not that yeah are Gods?”  Don’t you know that you are Gods!  That is Polytheism!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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