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Monday, March 24, 2014

There should be more than one type of prison 03 24 2014

There should be more than one type of prison 03 24 2014

1. One for the satanic or dependent minded.  This one would likely include drug dealers.
2. One for the non mentally ill who are purely evil.
3. One for any type of man that engages in homosexual activity.  This one would likely include both pimps, drug dealers, and those who were violent to women?
4. One for a nonviolent or white collar all criminal who by chance heard voices in his head also?
5. One for the mentally defective!  This one would include those who have dyslexia and low IQ.
6. One for those awaiting death row.

7. As to the person who hears voices in his head is demonically possessed; hence one for the person or group of people (Kaballah Coven?) that demonically possessed him or her?  This one would include highly lucrative members and practitioners of organized religion fronting for the occult?  And also the satanic or dependent minded.
8.  One for those who have committed such horrific crimes whereby they have immediate access to death row.  This might be facilitated by victims family members lecturing them for the rapes and murders they committed?
9. A prison for members of the military who used technology against United States citizens?
10. A prison for Doctors that caused wrongful death or illness?  Will include capacity as number 8.

And some of the above will cross paths.  So the decision tree needs to be made better.
11.  How about ones for those who have betrayed public trust as public servants?
12. One for those awaiting deportation to a communist country or third world nation?
13.  Here is a good one, one for those who killed others in self defense but were found guilty anyway.  The verdict happens even though it shouldn't?

Okay that is a start.
And all it might really take is a revelation or admittance and thereby some of the above prisons would have the need for them eliminated because a great criminal element has come forth?  Anyone see what I am getting at?

And one more thing it should be illegal to try and revive a still born baby because it will be dependent or satanic minded and therefore will not be able to live in consistency with our United States Constitution.

You know what?  Forget about all that above there!  I had absolutely no right to comment on this?  In fact some would say that I should be on medicine and not even have the ability to type at this time because my higher thinking ability would be negated by the medicine; much like some people were born blue faced from oxygen deprivation to their brains and hippo campus section.  In fact I should not only take medicine I should also drink the highest proof alcohol I can find so that I am indeed like all the other men.  Yes I should strive to be like all the other men!  And that means that I should drink until I have cancer!  I should drink until I am dumber than a doorknob!  I should even drink and try and get women pregnant.  I should encourage all women of child bearing age to drink and smoke through advertising and then try and seduce them.  In fact I should give them drugs and create a business whereby I can sell them for sex and make money from it.  I should drink and pretend to be the end authority on every topic of academia.  I should hold a golden metal goblet filled with wine in it far above my head where children know they can't reach it and say mass!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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And the gestalt that I am getting is that the Catholic Priest holds that goblet high above his head in the same way as the girl that holds the boxing round number above hers does!  They have something in common cognitively? That is all I can think of in terms of comparisons but more valid ones will come to me... Maybe how about marching band members holding their trumpets high above their heads and for non academic athletic college activity in order to spur more alcohol sales?  What am I getting at?  When they pretend a child can't have something the more it wants it!  Roman propaganda for Italian wine? Drink this and join the league of those who have pagan children that won't be able to read?  Then you are one of us?

And I can hear there defense to that already!  That boxing ring girl was a straight A student!  Shame on you Thomas Paul Murphy for making such an accusation!  Thomas Paul Murphy you should be ashamed of yourself!!!!!

 I have been analyzing behavior for quite some time!

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