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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Thou Shall not eat flesh with the life blood still in it 03 15 2014

Thou Shall not eat flesh with the life blood still in it 03 15 2014

Now that is God's word from the Bible.  So what does it mean if you are a member of the Biblical religion?

It means that you cannot eat red meats unless they are cooked through so there is no more pink inside!

This means a whole different approach to cooking!

And perhaps one might reach the benefits of a pure vegan diet if they eat meat in this manner!

And some meats you cannot cook properly to eat no matter what you do today!

And one point with regard to the Japanese.  I believe they cook their steaks thin but I have never had one to know!  But maybe all cuts of steak meat in the United States should be 1/8 to 3/16 inch thick?

So that would mean a whole different approach to beef!

Perhaps the meat is cut with a laser?  Something like that?  If you look in the hardware store flyer you see that they can cut a potatoes chip thin layer of wood in order to create the face of finished plywood!  And they have at least three different methods to do that!

So maybe we need to mandate this type of cooking in the United States.  And as far as the Japanese are concerned we can kick them out of her for the raw fish!

And no, the Japanese Steaks don't look any thinner.

Philly Steaks are though!  Now I would like to research the origin of the Philly Steak.

Now I would like to research the origin of the Philly Steak.

But after making the Pork Egg Rolls last night I no longer believe that sausage should be allowed to be prepared in the traditional manner!

We have a real beef quality problem!  It has to do with why they need to be pumped full of antibiotics doesn't it!  The reason being to eliminate or control Crutch-field Jacobs disease and Chronic Wasting Disease?  They both cohabit-ate the same pastures.  So we have all these genetic based diseases today, such as Down's Syndrome, Aspergers, (Autism?), mental retardation,.... and yet none of it is linked to the beef that tastes like rancid spinach!  You can't mute the sickness of beef through antibiotic doping; it comes out in the flavor!

And one more point on this.  If you have ever taken a apart a vacuum cleaner because the exhaust was foul smelling and you wanted to clean it.  And you did indeed clean it by washing it in a Krud Kutter solution the first thing you realize not too long after reusing it is that it starts to smell again!  Likely the cause it germs resident in the electric motor?  One might even state they are Vacuum cleaner specific germs :).  The point is that I believe the same principle applies to dirty butcher shops!  And I only mention it for the mercy sake of smarter children who can think for themselves!

What we learned about the McDonald's in the area was that the owner of three of them was selling drugs out of them!  Now is that because of a hidden reason that the beef to the restaurant is causing reduced sales?  No, people like that might be said to have the opposite lifetime motivation to "for the mercy sake of the smarter children who can think for themselves!

Now as long as we are on the topic of food Europe is going to want to say that we can't use French names for our wines in the U.S.  At which point I, if President of the United States, would spray every vineyard in the entire world with Agent Orange!  Again for the mercy sake of the smarter children who can think for themselves!  Does anyone see that as Europe trying to TAX the United States!  Now that would indeed be a real Tea Party!  FDR was of French/English ancestry.  His family wealth came from the opiate trade with China.  He repealed Prohibition!  Was one of his hidden motives that the French/Europe economy was suffering because of lower wine sales?  We never declared War on Germany in WWII, and Hitler was pro health in terms of Cigarette smoking ban.  The French smoked like fiends.  They are also where the blood type is predominantly RH-.  Now in England attorneys are using DNA to grant inheritance to non  relatives when they state they can't find the family member?  What is means it means is that they are taking a small bit of genetic code and saying that participant who needs a house is a match.  That is like a spoiled child cheating at monopoly!  England has never been our ally!  NEVER!  British (ENGLISH) Intelligence Services had knowledge of the whereabouts of the Japanese fleet before Pearl Harbor but did not tell the United States!  So we were their ally and yet they caused us to have greater casualties than we should have had.  Have you ever had someone claim to be your friend only to have them drag your life down into trouble?  Now your Catholic hippy minded 8th grade teacher, who would free spirited dance with the lilys, will say they served a purpose in your life.  I have to disagree.  What purpose do the mentally defective serve in our lives other than to make us vigilant against the cause of  mental defects?

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