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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Your Momma Was Free to have you 03 04 2014

Your Momma Was Free to have you 03 04 2014

The next time a salesman or telemarketer tells you, "Nothing is free,"  tell him, "Your momma was free to have you, wasn't she now."

The air is still free to breath to, even though the quality has gone down.  Next we'll see a commercial with Barrack Obama and Joseph Biden breathing clean mountain air.

That is a sales tactic of the Tea Party and the Financial Industry.  Nothing is free?  We are supposed to be free not to be slaves of any kind in the United States aren't we?  So does the Tea Party really want to enslave us when they use the sales tactic, "Nothing is free?"  Some of us have been mentally enslaved already and there is little we can do about it.  Accept say, "You're momma was free to have you, now wasn't she."

Thomas Paul Murphy
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