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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Constitution Section Article 1 Section 8-12

Constitution Section Article 1 Section 8-12

"To raise and support armies, but no appropriation of money to that use shall be for a longer term that two years!"

The implication is that there is never to be a military career!  And it is indeed the Presidents duty as President to defend the United States Constitution!  So he has to put a stop to military spending lest he be impeached for violating the United States Constitution!

The implication of that law is that we cannot have the military industrial complex that rose up out of WWII!  Nor were military contractors legal at that time after the war!

The way our Constitution is written is that the people are empowered with the guns!  And that is the way it should be!

To empower the military just creates a breeding ground for peep show freaks using surveillance equipment to see why human beings are better than they are!

And if you don't like it you leave! We who the United States Constitution protects should never have to leave because of those who cannot stand it and the freedom it represents!

1 Section 8-12 is to prevent a mentally defective military from pirating our population of human beings!

Any member of the United States Military who wages war on American Citizens because his pay was eliminated after 2 years should be shot on site!  We are not to have a military!  Tough it up cry a bit and get a job or leave this country for good!

We have not had a War declared since.... so we have been living in times of peace, hence 2 years pay is all you get.

I don't need you to protect me!  I have my own mind, that is in high demand, to do that myself!  And I have the right to keep and bear arms that shall not be infringed.

So you get a job to your ability!  You do not victimize United States Citizens as part of an uneducated sore loser class!  And if you are not smart enough to graduate from college maybe you need to address the cause of that!  Likely your rights to Liberty were violated before you where ever born and you have a fetal alcohol spectrum disorder!  But that's not my fault!  And I nor any other human being are to be your lifetime crutch!

And I do take exception to this because our Government never had the right to disable you!  So therefore the 2 years clause does not apply to those who are disabled- if indeed you first had ability!

It does however apply to the overgrown cunnilingus officer!

We are to have a militia however!  And we need to make that true to form!  All non defective minded adults (excluding the medical fraud of schizophrenia) should have free access to a rifle, shotgun and pistol range.  I also believe we should be trained and have access to surface to air rocket launchers!

And we may indeed get into by having to save another Country.  But we should only do so if they agree to accept our Constitution as their own!  And because of the lack of integrity in the United States since the time of FDR we are likely to get into it with other countries; because we ourselves have not set a good standard or complied with the Standards of our Constitution the Supreme Law of the Land!

The United States is not meant to be populated by those whose only skill is killing,victimizing and or torturing human beings! Do you want someone like that living next door to you as your neighbor?  I wouldn't nor would I want a mentally defective entity that does not have human reason nor a human conscience!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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