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Thursday, October 2, 2014

China, Gold and Ebola 10 02 2014

China, Gold and Ebola 10 02 2014

Anyone else notice that is was later in the exact same day yesterday that the first case of Ebola Virus was found in the United States that China stated it wanted to develop one world currency based on gold?

Does anyone remember over the last 20 years how many times a Chinese person working for a University in the United States smuggled that disease or virus out of the country and back to China?
I had an acquaintance in College who was Chinese (name: Bill Wong) Bill told me that all Chinese Americans knew each other!!!! He also told me that all the University professors were all Jews. ( From my point of view all Chinese are Jews as are blacks and Mexicans and India Indians and modernized anti-colonial Corporate networked English.)

The other day I was traveling North on Highway 43 when a series of Four Military humvees came along. The drivers of three of them were Asian! And the fourth looked like a reed hole (English.)

What am I getting at? China is here already and they are going to want to be the ones who establish the New World Order! These are people who pollute unrelentlessly, create products that don’t last a year, enslave workers and work them until there is no cartilage left between their bones! How did they fortify their gold supply? Very simply by selling the United States 57 trillion tons of electronic waste a year.

We know what you look like and we will know what to do when that day comes! Every single white American in this country should be issued the exact weapons that Diane Feinstein and Barrack Obama want to ban! Even some who are in prison for acts committed through demonic possession should be immediately released and issued fully functional service weapons when that day day comes!  Don't ever second guess yourself in any way in a confrontation if that day comes.

But it isn’t going to happen like that! There is something called poetic justice that you don’t know about nor how it works. Basically it means that if China is behind the Ebola Virus China will be struck with it the worst! Their population suffers from poor health due to being overworked and air pollution; they would not survive as easily as the United States who has higher pollution standards.

Because China wanted all of our libraried virus’s and bacteria the motivation is that they wanted to use it for war.
Now I know that there are some guarded compound nodes that are being built in the United States. Presumably where those who orchestrate genocide on Americans plan to hide out until it is over? If there are dead bodies all over the place because of the Ebola Virus it is never going to be over! For to have to eventually have to move that dead body you are going to contract the virus!

One more point. Kim Jun Ill of North Korea has not been seen in a month. He is reportedly ill. But he praised China twice. Let me ask you this. Who do you think China might have tested biological weapons on if not Kim Jun Ill? You see right there is how the deceptive Chinese mind works! Kim waving and praising China while they are the ones who infected him! It is such a funny construct of my imagination that I like to believe there is truth to it! Now if I told a Doctor that he would claim it was an invalid reference of thought or delusion, and that is a criterion for mental illness and I could be force medicated!

And the next thing the white snake heads on television will say is how we need China and that Protectionism never works. What is that? Those talking heads all have Wilson’s Syndrome. It is like they have the brain the size of a cue ball, glean some ideas from the mind of the someone who has a brain the size of a softball, contradict them as a matter of maintaining a personal delusion of being an intelligent man and make a living well above the middle class by doing that! And that right there is the worst threat that the United States Democracy has ever faced! So I have issues with the United States too! But I am not an enemy of the United States. It is like this. One man picks up the Constitution and reads word for word and thinks as he reads while another bases his ideologies on emotions, rudeness and reactionary thinking, and how his mother thought. I believe the word I am looking for is pedantic; but only in this sense of the word-meaning narrow mindedness based on emotion and protection of limited understanding to depths of concepts? He can’t understand the real meaning so the meaning becomes whatever he can get away with saying it is while insulting any guest on his show that wants to finish a sentence they are speaking! What I am getting at is one man knows what the United States should be as consistent with what it is meant to be. Another man believes in reactionary emotion as to what things should be. And that man has high verbal ability, really meaning manipulative while at the same time low IQ! The high verbal ability is an offensive mask to the low IQ! Which relays a logic basis of it doesn’t matter what substance there is in something, what I can’t comprehend I will use my mask to say what my emotions tell me it should be.

Basically this is the type of person that throws a proverbial pacifier at your face when you challenge it; they are the litter of the Banking and Investment Industry in the United States.

So you are an American who has built a secure compound while at the same time colluding with Corporate America to the ruin of the United States? My father told me a story of how in WWII a Nazi Sniper was firing at them. The U.S. Army provided tank support up to the house. When they got there the SS man had killed himself!

The United States doesn’t need China or any other foreign nation! We got involved in world affairs out of pure mercy! And do you know what happened because of it? Rather insidiously it was too our detriment!

I am Irish. Do you want to know what I really think of America? They drugged us with a Potato fungus transported to Ireland from a former New York slave goods port in order to live off of minds of higher intelligence! Something happened to the Puritans in United States history before the Civil War that they don’t want us to know about! Of that I am convinced of too! Because the Puritans were more like ME!

Copyright 2014 Thomas Paul Murphy

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