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Saturday, October 4, 2014

De Facto Polygamy 10 04 2014 updated

De Facto Polygamy 10 04 2014

Would be when a rich man, such as an actor, (Hugh Grant) impregnated many wives and buys a home for each and provided for them!  If polygamy is illegal then defacto polygamy is illegal too!

And what of men who leave their wives and the son ends up being an Adam Lanza.  One could say it is because of some form of defacto polygamy where a man finds a new wife and still financially supports the old one through alimony?

If you want to get at the root of that school shooting it was because that boy did not have a good father figure to imprint his mind on the way through adolescence?  Hence maybe there were drugs used that are known to delay mental development in teens.  And delayed mental development is also known as mental retardation!

So we know that pot causes delayed mental development!  We know that the definition of retard straight out of the dictionary is to delay the development of.  So pot caused mental retardation and we get mental retards going on shooting sprees and no camel head with a mouth full of caramels on television can figure out why they happen!

And instead of addressing the mental retardation Barrack a High School pot user and therefore advocate of mental retardation himself determines that the issue needs to be addressed with gun control.

And one could say that those who use pot end up in defacto polygamy marriages?  I don't like that one  will still support her and buy another one at the same time?

Now as much as we know the rich man case should be prosecuted in some way.  What about a poor man who goes out to the bars every night and impregnates 9 women and could never provide for them.  Did he not commit poor mans defacto polygamy because the Government has to pay for them!!!  Don't we give tax breaks to those who adopt so the Government is really paying for them and that is the taxpayer?  Don't we have to foot the bill for foster care and modern orphanages? 
What is wrong with the one man one woman and children from them concept?  That free love era of the seventies came about because of the British Drug invasion and is still with us today isn't it!  I would not want my children to go to school with those kids or even those children living in the same neighborhood as mine or the outskirts traveled of it! 

None of the above are how a melting pot is supposed to be formed!

Some sort of a censorship and perhaps extradition in relation to that censorship.

What that male does is put the great burden of raising his son on REAL MEN in the United States; in many ways! And as is the case with Adam Lanza some of them don't turn out right!

Perhaps that woman and her child need a special  place to go when that happens until the child turns 18.  It might be called extra father attention needed place or something like that, not real creative right now.

Also some kind of penniless provision applies.  Right?  You create a cadre of fatherless bastards should you yourself be financially compensated or allowed to maintain wealth status in the United States?  Heck no!  Every man knows that is true!  We don't need to be put on psychiatric medicine to figure out it isn't true to the benefit of those who don't want it to be true!

It would bring about a whole new before and after surgery concept for the rich and famous?

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