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Saturday, October 4, 2014

The Species Genus Classification Mind 10 04 2014 subtitled topic learning and education

The Species Genus Classification Mind  10 04 2014

When your child uses the species genus classification mindset do not laugh for it mean he has a logical mindset!  It demonstrates that he knows what the species is but does not know the genius!  What that tells you is that this child is not apt to guess in making decisions in life when he/she is unsure or has not learned the specific new word!

Sure you can attempt to incorporate the idea into some new fangled education method to attempt to make a child who doesn't think logically think logically but what you are going to find out is that it doesn't work that easy because it is specific to non defective brain structures!  The other type of thinking majority prevalent in our world is completely reactionary to that and therefore female minded?

So don't be snobby and laugh when he calls a restaurant a store.  A restaurant is a store where you sit down and eat food and pay for it.

Now what happens is that type of mind learns how to form branches of understanding based on the Species Genius classification concept!  What that type of mind understands far better is how form is related to function because that basis of thought is based on forming sound premises and not forming new stepping stones until they too are proved a sound premise; and that is syllogism!  Without that what prevails is Empirical Evidence; which basically means the naysayers are proven right about public policy as everyone is standing around looking at the ruins of their city (empire), the water that smells of feces and the long ago from today abandoned United States factories!

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