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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Where's the little Blonde Boy 10 04 2014

Where's the little Blonde Boy 10 04 2014

Anyone else find themselves to be the object of an odd (mentally defective) group fixation like, "Where's the little blonde boy?" all their lives.

If you look around today there are very few normal looking blonde men!
1. Some have camal face retardation.
2. Some are boggle eyed and demon eyed from birth defects like Downs Syndrome!
3.  And why did they Irish take the greatest it with Downs Syndrome?  I will explain that in just a bit!

The only way you were promoted in the United States was if there was something seriously wrong with you; an ill fated brain flaw that hey are stuck with!

And again why them?  Why were they promoted?  Because evil women don't find them to be a threat to their intelligence and therefore falsely empowered sense of self esteem!  And who are the men in power?  Men who have to ask their wives what to do about everything!  Ronald Reagan was one better or worse than that; he had to ask a female fortune teller who went to Vassar what to do on every decision he made!  Still say you can't figure out why foreign countries hate the current United States?  At least his wife knew she shouldn't be answering those questions!  So her and pre alzheimers Reagan had to PAY that woman to make the decisions for him as United States president! There is no national pride and integrity in that!  We don't vote for a man to be leader of the free world so that he uses taxpayer money to pay a fortune teller to make the decisions for him!

What is even more odd is that men in the United States had absolutely no problem with that!  In fact you couldn't say he was doing anything wrong because they would cut you off!  Reagan the actor was another step to communist totalitarianism in the United States!  And that Vassar Fortune Teller got her information from what she gleamed via subjective and willful interpretation from a real man (raiding the mind of a prophet if you will) ; a human being; but they don't want you to know how that works!

Ronald Reagan did not believe in Gun Control he believed in the death penalty as a form of gun control.  That is what he meant when he said lock up and throw away the key!  All well and good until you get a President in office who hires a fortune teller to make his every decision!  And that right there is the reason we have the second amendment to the United States Constitution!

I can tell you that I have lived with racial prejudice for being a blonde man all my life in Milwaukee!  So there is something to the concept after all!  And I could give you example after example.

To articulate later:

1. Mr. Sanders and collecting on the paper route
2. The Tilsons and Eskimo pie
3. The Jewish man that tried to run me over on my bicycle.
4.  The entire investment industry.
5. The education system.
6. The barber who nicked my ear
7. The barber who petted my neck
8. The butcher who yelled at the sight of me in the ethnic grocery store (I was a good kid!)
9.  The ape eyed nun at the Catholic School
10.  The English nationality kids who couldn't think for themselves.
11.  The blue collar Italians that didn't want to be
12. Panhoffer and basketball.
13.keep adding to this list.

And I know it isn't just me!  A polish girl from the South Side who I went to UW with told me how they were so mean to a little blonde haired girl.  Glued her hair to the desk or something like that!  I Asked her why and she couldn't say.

Where's the little blonde boy?  So what is this about?  If you have blonde hair, are of Irish decent and have a toe foot pattern of Greek decent I believe it might mean that your family lineage is of the original inhabitants of Israel!  They did not eat pork.  I also believe they didn't drink.  But they migrated first south to Spain and then west in Spain to north to Ireland!  You are the good Jewish tribe every other Jewish tribe hated!

The Romans followed after them and created a gay beer drinking monetary in Ireland!  Much of Irish history is eradicated just like the early Greek philosophers was!  And the potato fungus that poisoned so many Irish came from the New York port that traded slave goods!  The Irish suffered more from genetic disfiguration than any other race (perhaps excluding the Chinese, Mexicans, etc.)

There I said it again and I was interrupted by what sound like a beast of a person on a high decibel white noise microphone several times as I typed it!

And when indeed our minds are in great demand isn't that the greatest evidence of racial superiority there is?  I am all for empowering the white Aryan Irish race and the fragments of that race who have had their minds taxed by demand greater than supply to be empowered via abstinence from alcohol and drugs!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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