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Saturday, October 4, 2014

German Cruise Ship Visits Milwaukee 10 04 2014

German Cruise Ship Visits Milwaukee 10 04 2014

That was what they showed on the news the other day.

You can't even go to wear it is docked on what is called Jones Island without two degenerate Homeland Security lowlifes paid by the United States taxpayer chasing you in a pickup truck and then blowing cigarette smoke in your face (paid by the taxpayer) and erasing the photographic images of the leaking oil storage tanks and the salt pile that constantly corrodes the Hoan Bridge!

At one point while a facility is still operational and running while being an environmental hazard do you shut it down and say no more! We have to keep our water clean because we need clean water to drink!  No instead you pay a Mexican and an academic flunky to engage a United States Citizen who really only wanted to take pictures of boats and industrial equipment like trains; as a legitimate male of any age would like to see!

The best way to address national security would be to completely defund our current Intelligence and security operations and maybe even redistribute the wealth of those who participated in those operations!  They are only there to prevent clean solar energy and the  continued  freedom that results from it from being implemented!  Perhaps they should be imprisoned?  Or rather evicted to a prison compound somewhere off the mainland!

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