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Friday, October 3, 2014

The BATF and Fetal Alcohol Syndrome 10 03 2014

The BATF and Fetal Alcohol Syndrome 10 03 2014

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome wasn't discovered until 1968.  So when it was discovered how come we did not see any responsible policy or actions from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms responsible for regulating the sale and distribution of alcohol?,_Tobacco,_Firearms_and_Explosives

Being responsible for illegal trafficking of alcohol and tobacco should mean than no women who is in a sexual relationship and likely to become pregnant or the man she is with should be allowed to drink and create a FAS mentally retarded child!

If you want to talk about protecting the lives on the unborn why don't you make it a meaningful discussion to encompass items that cause birth defects.

The results have been pure Government negligence.

And what could prevent us from ever getting it right?  One form of mental retardation called Wilsons Syndrome is accompanied by high verbal ability.  Which really means you can't successfully argue with a fool.  So when you get fools in Government that are smooth talkers which masks their low IQ we've all had it!

Are we to believe that you don't know how to read and research issues that are important to something you are paid and responsible to regulate?

So you say that wasn't part of you duty?  What man could know about and issue like that and not find it an important matter to their regulating the sale and distribution of an item they are governmentally responsible for?

Same goes for cancer and cigarettes!

As for firearms any regulation of them in Unconstitutional!  So in effect those laws really created a new tax and source of income for the Government that was Unconstitutional.  To create a source of income to the Government, that creates jobs for Government officials while at the same time is unconstitutional.

What it really does is expand the authority of the military industrial complex.  And defacto the military industrial complex is illegal in times of peace!  Per our Constitution we are not to have an army in times of peace!

And what has all that caused?  Stalled progress on clean energy by at least 40 years!  Which in turn fueled the fixed interest income markets of the wealth class based on utility income from which sent young men who were not part of the oil Barron league overseas to fight and die for it!

Selling or giving alcohol to a pregnant woman is illegal trafficking.  Someone dumber than a 2 by 4 could figure that out!

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