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Monday, October 6, 2014

Think and Grow Rich and bonus article Monarchy 10 06 2014

Think and Grow Rich 10 06 2014

It is a title of a book by Napoleon Hill that I purchased and read back in ~1989.

You should be the one to grow rich when you think; no criminal or ganged members hiding behind religion.

Every single human being that gets up in the morning should think, “I should be the one to grow rich from MY thinking!”

They should have that confidence and self esteem!

Instead of the ones who would use the money from it (your thinking) in order to buy and consume a drug that causes mental retardation!!!!

The proverb, “Think and grow rich,” should hold true! And not, “Think so that others grow rich and you become poor!” Anyone who believes the opposite of that should be required to report to a worldwide euthanasia center!


Bonus philosophy:


Mon (=one) Archy (=arch) It means one strong arch!

So therefore the strongest Single ARCH should rule in a monarchy form of Government! Which means that the strongest mind rules! And if you want to believe that an arch is made of pieces then the strongest minds rule! A bow is an arch of strength in effect and it is only one piece.

It does not mean Barrack Obamas concept of fairness, “If there is someone that is stronger than me he must be put on medicine!” That is a bastardization of leadership!!!

It doesn't mean that stronger pieces that could form a better arch or contribute to a better arch are put on medicine!

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When you have a monarchy that is based on blood you cannot assure the populace that your offspring are fit to be rulers!  Why not?  They might have a form of mental retardation from you drinking alcohol during conception and pregnancy!  Hence the validity of a blood monarchy is completely negated!

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