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Saturday, October 4, 2014

To make it a crime to impregnate a woman you have no intention of marrying 10 04 2014

To make it a crime to impregnate a woman you have no intention of marrying 10 04 2014

What is solid evidence that this has occurred.

1. That you are already married.
2. Maybe in the future there will be people not legally entitled to be married.
3. That you met the woman at a bar and it was a one night stand.
4. That it was a family relation i.e. incest.  Hence an additional crime was committed.
5. That it was violent rape and impregnation.
6.  That it occurred due to being under the influence of a psychoactive substance.
7.  That you knew at the time you did not have developed a skill set means to support here.  One might ask a rich man what skills he had when his wealth was given to him.
8.  That you had once already impregnated a woman you were not married to.

Now what should the penalties be?  Perhaps forfeiture of all income above the welfare amount.  Confiscation of all personal assets. A requirement that you work at the current level to maintain that provision.  In the case it happens twice mandatory sterilization.

9.  That you are divorced and that is evidence enough that you are not capable of maintaining a loving relationship with a woman and raising your own children in the first place; hence it is a crime that you impregnate a woman you are not married to in order to evade and degrade the concept of marriage you failed at, so that it becomes irrelevant to your sense of self. 
10. That you used alcohol and/or drugs previously and sired a child with a birth defect and hence are accused with irresponsibly conceiving.
11.  That you colluded so that those who should have married were not able to via economic reasons or other fraudulent reasons.
12.  That you did not know how to spend your personal time constructively as a father would also easily be able to participate in such constructive activity and teach to a child.

Some of those got  a little off topic but they do indeed quality as to evidence as to personal integrity and character outside the scope of references to statements others might make of you in support.

13. That you yourself did not grow up in a two parent man and women household and hence you are not familiar with the validity of marriage and the longevity of the concept.

14.  That you only wanted that woman in order to prevent someone else whom you knew liked her from being in a relationship with her.  (It's amazing how common the emotion of female spite is in some males.)
15.  That you had constructive reasons to believe she would never marry you because you asked her already and she told you in no uncertain terms NO!
16.  That you considered that your purpose in life to impregnate woman and not marry them, constructive evidence of this would be you marketed yourself as a playboy or you donated to a sperm bank!!!!
17.  Donation to a sperm bank is constructive evidence that you impregnated a woman you had no intention of marrying. 
18.  That you made comments to friends and acquaintances that you were using her for sex and had no intention of marrying her!

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