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Friday, October 3, 2014

Vacant Industrial Property 10 03 2014

Vacant Industrial Property 10 03 2014

I often drive by a vacant industrial property and think, If I had money could start a woodshop there and make things!  Or if I had an awful lot of money I could indeed make solar electric cars.

But what is the exact first thing I think?  If I bought that place there every single day a drunk would be coming through the front door disrupting the business.

(Somehow, intuitively we just know that spells trouble don't we?)

Then as I drive down the street the next thing I see is a bar.  And I say that is where the drunk would come from.  Then the next thing I think is that is the exact type of employee that would apply at my new business to work for me.

So the factories went up and the bars went up around them to service the blue collar workers.  Now the factories are empty industrial space and the bars still exist.  One almost wants to say these bars were put up for the benefit of the factory worker and that worker is no longer there so the bar can't be either?  And I am talking about neighborhood life cycles, to competent worker candidates to national life cycle.

I wonder how many people think the same way on the issue?

And what goes on in the bar?  Drug dealing and sex that creates fetal alcohol syndrome mentally retarded from one night stands?  Remember the factories came first? First came the worker and now the worker is not there.  Because the worker is not there the worker turned employer is not there either!

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