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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Witch Metal Chemistry Will Save the World 10 05 2014 clean water technology

Witch Metal Chemistry Will Save the World 10 05 2014

What is a "Witch Metal", it is a metal that burns in Water.  That is the reason Lithium batteries are so dangerous, some if not all are known to explode when exposed to water?

Lithium is a powerhouse for rechargeable batteries.  There are a few other metals that burn in water.  I will have to look them up.  But chemistries based on them might also solve the worlds problems.

It comes from the idea that the cure is in he cause.

In terms of Mercury in our water.  I once read that Mercury has a gravitational type force to itself.  And that is just my laymen's terms.  I write this after these ideas came from me from mowing the lawn with an lithium ion battery based mower a few minutes ago.  I would look up the proper chemistry term but I have to make lunch for someone.
But the theory is that if you could freeze mercury or bond it in a solid state like it was frozen.  While maintaining polarity.  Then if you ran water over it the mercury in the water might be attracted to your "Mercury block?"  At which point it could be skimmed or centrifuged away or just the block keeps getting bigger as the new metal freezes to it?

But you would need extreme failsafe's and idiot trapping which is unheard of today in order to prevent making a bigger Mercury mess.  In order to do that you have to bring down the Corporate concept because that is what further will dirty the water as you are attempting to clean it.  It is like they tell us they are the most responsible adults and Gods gift to mankind and yet we had the gulf oil spill and the Alaskan oil spill.  So we need to discredit the corporate concept on a legal basis.
Just a theory.  And I am allowed to write it as I have free speech.  You can't discredit free speech?

Oddly enough it isn't the idiots that they like to trap today!

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