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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Mary Burke 11 04 2014

Mary Burke 11 04 2014

  1. College graduate. Sure college is hard! But that makes the reward of the diploma all that more of an achievement! Scott Walker never earned one! But this article is about Mary!
  2. For public schools. My father was a public school teacher.
  3. Had a bought of time off from the Fictional Corporate world. (All the items in this list are positives to me!)
  4. Presumably she is Irish.
  5. She presents herself authentically and legitimately, like every young person would expect to do when they graduate from college and enter the work force! I love that about her!
  6. The Trek bicycle is a quality brand that has done great things for the image of Wisconsin manufacturing.
  7. She is pro-choice. Rather than pro-rape and resultant Canaanite litter.
  8. She speaks in her own, well chosen words! What that tells me is that she has great depth and insight! She is not a puppet on the strings of odd ill gotten money? Who knows maybe she is. Every go to a restaurant and you realize that you can eat and enjoy the food without some Canaanite talking rudely as they blow smoke your way; Governor Doyle that she worked for did that for us! Per my memory he got death threats for it too? For preventing females and female workers from getting breast cancer?
    Negatives, I don't like the precedent of Gay marriage but Scott Walker caved on the issue and took the happy slide on it too! So you can't make that a comparative in the election. I don't like any Unconstitutional gun control provisions that might come with her baggage either. But the Supreme Law of the Land is Extremely clear on that issue and some others too! So it isn't an issue with me!

To be honest if there were not a referendum on the ballot I wouldn't even vote; at which point I would vote and defiantly write my own name in! Typically I have found a Democrat in office is better for my well being while they are in office. She is going to take the hot seat good if she wins!

The other day in the paper it stated to vote for the Candidate that will protect the water. She has expressed a little more back bone on the issue that Scott Walker might in the back of a dark limousine with interested businessmen.

The man versus woman issue is not relevant when the men act like they have the minds of hag women. So it doesn't bother me that she is a woman.

To be honest it would be like a breath of fresh clean air to have someone new like her in the office of Governor. Any men that have strength and certitude in public office are immediately propagandized as weak by the male media that more or less gossip like a group of old hags and get paid for it. Their voices to me sound like they either have castration anxiety or someone new that I defined as Rapture Anxiety.

I think I will vote for Mary. But that I won't vote for AG or some of the others there. I will vote for Sheriff Clarke too!

What guy doesn't have a spot in his heart for little blonde girls named Mary?

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