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Monday, July 9, 2012

07 09 2012 Local Business Review The Jewish Community Center

07 09 2012 Local Business Review  The Jewish Community Center
6255 N. Santa Monica

Milwaukee WI 53217-4353

Letter to the Jewish Community Center 07 09 2012

Hello I have received a trial membership for a week at the Jewish Community Center.  But before I participate in the trial I need to be assured that no incidents like the one in the following two letters are to occur.  I have withheld from publishing the business review because you failed to respond to it after I sent it to you.  But in light of receiving another trial membership offer I do not want to fall into any bad temptations if I take up the offer now or in the future so I have to publish it.  I would like to obtain your assurances that no instances like this happen again.




Jewish Community Center

6255 N. Santa Monica

Milwaukee WI 53217-4353

Dear Sir,

  I wanted to send you a copy of my review of my recent club visit to your center.  I intend to publish it on my website, Local Business Review Milwaukee, and thought it would be appropriate for you to see and comment on first.

Thomas Murphy

4964 N. Marlborough Dr.

Whitefish Bay WI 53217          


Local Business Review:  The Jewish Community Center 07 01 2010

The cleanest club I have ever visited and the friendliest staff.

Free weights:  Free weights are what I am interested in using mostly at a club. There is only one rack of dumbbells but they are plate steel.  The fact that they are plate steel is a positive because it does not rub off on your clothes like the black rubber doe.  Also after about a 4 hour workout the black rubber ones tend to irritate my lungs and lead to congestion, as they smell.  In gyms where they use the black rubber coated dumbbells the clientele like to drop them on the floor.    I have seen the handles bent because the force is so great, it is also detrimental to the buildings structure.    If you have to drop them they are too heavy to begin with. 

Sometimes you might have to drop them if someone does something akin to intentionally sticking their foot out to trip you, but that is not what I am talking about here.  We know the difference between maturity and children.

And the fact that at just the time I needed to use the only pair of 50 pound dumbbells one was missing does not bode well for the club.  It went missing right under my eyes and only turned up later by a club patron who found way on the other side of the club where they never belong or are to be used.

The showers had the best liquid soap I have used, it smelled somewhat like Irish Spring.  Most soaps in those dispensers at other clubs smell like an old shoe and when you wash with them you might become prone to itch.

The pool has the best water that I have ever swum in.  It is large and meaningful. The water is ozone treated and drained and refilled once a week.  If you get some up a nostril it is not irritating.    The heated whirlpool had plenty of chlorine to kill germs and was not in an enclosed area where the smell starts to get to you either.   You should always strive to rinse and wash away as much chlorine you can in the shower.  When you are doing the back stroke if you look up at the ceiling you can see through the large skylights and look at the blue sky and clouds through them, gives you a sense of being outdoors.

The facility has a small area for sunbathing.  And the facility has many other

Features, such as spa treatments and classrooms and there is a separate water park also.  But I am just making a review of the core exercise elements of the gyms or things I am initially interested in terms of common amenities, equipment and cleanliness.

There are two different men’s locker rooms and the premium room is the one that has all the shaving creams and “Beauty products” it is also the only way you can use the sauna.  It cost $52 more, and the security scan looks like some

There is a joint locker room for men and women with children.

  In the general male locker room the lockers have no locks on them you can either bring your own padlock or get a loaner from the front desk.   And the security technology is right out of the future.  A laser scans your hand!

The leg extension machine was the best that I have ever used in my life.  There was also a mechanically based squat machine that takes the risk out of squatting.  I found it best to use lesser weights on this machine though because it tends to rise at an angle and might put odd pressures on a spinal column.  There was no horizontally based leg curl machine.  I find these to be better than the ones you sit in, in terms of less back strain.  It is easier to limit your exposure of risk to injury with a horizontal leg curl than a sit in type machine. 

  I liked this club; I felt a strong connection with other members.  Working out pleasantly alongside members presumably of this ancient religion.

The club had quotes of famous Jews painted on the walls.  I also found this pleasantly surprising as I identified strongly with these quotes.  As these are my beliefs also.

There is one point that struck a nerve with me.  (And just one, usually there are quite a few.)  I met two of the young female life guards, probably in mid twenties.  They were very sweet and intelligent, like the kind of girl a man would like to marry, and they told me about the pool.  After the pool I went and sat in the whirlpool.  These two young women were standing not far in front of me as that is where the swimming pool is located in relation to the whirlpool.  I was looking in their direction and they each reached down almost as if per the signal of a person hidden to the right of a wall and pulled their bathing suites down partially revealing their vaginas.  I immediately got out of the pool and questioned them.  They said they had been in bathing suits all day.

It was then that a male life guard appeared from the right and stuck out his crass finger and plucked at her bathing suit, pulling forward a little bit at the vagina, area of the suit.  I didn’t know exactly what to think of this when I saw it.  But now upon reflection I realized I was repulsed by his behavior.  And the vulgarity of the male life guard’s behavior, which I classify as soul stealing, seemed to negate any teachings that they should have learned that were printed on the walls.

God Bless Those Who Think

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy



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