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Friday, July 20, 2012

Inventions Needed Shin guards for the shop worker

Inventions Needed Shin guards for the shop worker

How many of like to work in the shop but as we are constantly moving about we find ourselves bumping our shins and ankles. 

Then later on in the day we sit down to relax and those shin bruises start to act up. They also hurt when first waking up.

What would help this would be if there was a light pair of leggings that rose up to just below the knee and prevented shins from being  bruised.  They would not be as durable as soccer shin guards but yet stronger than denim.  Something like what is used in snake proof boots might help.

Also the more that you bump the same spot on your shin the worse it hurts and indeed it can be a cause of cancer if you constantly injure the same spot.

They should be easy to put on; and straps from behind.  And they should not be subject to shifting to the back of the leg.

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