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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Syria Israel Iran etc 07 24 2012

Syria Israel Iran etc 07 24 2012

Who are these people that can not get along.  The weapons that they are contemplating using would create an environmental health liability for centuries to come.  Are these people who truly care about family and children?  People who cared about family and children would not provoke others like we see in the world in many places.  But those who act this way believe themselves to be the exact opposite of what I have accused them of being.  Bottom line, a real man and real woman fall in love and have children out of love and seek to raise them themselves out of love and people like this are at peace with themselves and do not provoke others.  Some of you know the exact archetype of person that I am talking about.  Contrast this to those popular in High School who had sex because it made them more popular. 

Conclusion:  there are many in this world who should never had children because they have no idea how to raise them.  To them having children is like trying to be like everyone else.  To fit in with everyone else in post school life.  They value money and only want children because it makes them seem like everyone else.  These children are neglected, develop idle minds and are grouped and raised satanically.  That is not what human life is about.  And neither is the contaminated aftermath of war torn countries.  What we see most in the world today is the destructive result of the mass delusion created to make those who never knew love in life~ happy.  They are the most spoiled people you will ever know in your life because they were never made accountable for any of their actions in life.

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