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Friday, July 27, 2012

Anti Satanic Laws 07 27 2012

Anti Satanic Laws 07 27 2012

The Bible tells us that those who sleep with the same woman are of the same mind.  What does this really mean?  It means that they have no mind whatsoever – in effect they can be defined as Satan.  (Now I know it isn’t always true but there is a lot of truth to it regarding the soulless.)

If a woman’s boyfriend or husband coerced her to have sex with another man I would find that woman innocent if I was on a jury and she was charged with the murder of them both!  You can call this an anti pimping doctrine or rule.  Why would I find her innocent?  Because I believe that no-one has the right to ruin her life in this way.  Men often do this as a prelude to making a prostitute of a woman.

She could very well end up without a soul at all if this happened to her; just as the Bible alludes to.

If a man truly loves a woman he would never consider this.  And in fact quite to the contrary if a man loves a woman he would see to it that she is never left alone with a friend of bad character like this. 

I can hear some of you pearled up women already, “That’s how we date down here.”

I can remember a girl from High School telling me how she used to date in a dating group.  And there was a nuance in her voice with regard to what she was telling me; as if to say there is something more to this.

Our justice system has failed us with regard to the evil in this world.  They have been coddled and treated like they themselves are victims. 

If I were on a jury I would also find someone who shot a child molester innocent for the same reason.

If I were on a jury I would also find someone who shot a drug dealer innocent for the same reason.

What the true nature of people who commit these three types of crimes is has never been exposed to the world.  No-one ever called them the Devil or Satanic.  But these three crimes are indeed soul stealing crimes.

Don’t go out and act on what I would do because I won’t be on your jury.

I am not inciting anything here.  I am just offering my opinion. 

And you can tell exactly who I want out of here.

© 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

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